Friday, December 31, 2010



Founded mirrors
His parrot
Found it mere or
To cradle repetition

Ambled forwards
Ample for wards
Cannot stop a sway
In stalled dissent
It all descends
Can?  Ought topple 'way

Image in:
A looking glass demolished
Feathers flurry
"Damn it Polly!"
... end of story

Sunday, December 26, 2010



No intended audience, today.
No verbal tests or overt story, simply something stenciled solely
serving as an outlet.


A meaning to an end
An ending to a means
A brandished kiss
A burnished fist, a
Cataclysm catalyst
Annihilated all bestowed
Enabled swollen
Spaces to create

A remnant sparked
And shone on something bleak
Retracted faster though that any
Shadow might eclipse

It's all my fault
Established peaks
Indented quarters
Rainbows minus rain
Finagled dew stagnation
Failed to drink the world

The countless spent eternities
Admit but one forever
It is this
Hold no value in what-ifs
Only in what is

Sunday, December 19, 2010


This has gone through quite a many edits and permutations.  I can either stay with what I challenged myself to do, or water it down for less abstraction.  I have chosen the former.  So, it's very abstract (there may be a better art term) but hey, read it out loud.


Auras soared
Lewd.  A crystal
Or a sword
Ludicrous, still
It would not stop beating

It's saluting merits
In difference
It's a looting mare, it's
At keeping others warm

Solemn pyre
Saw l'empire
In position
Showing sight the blind
Pro-life proliferation
Hand to brow in kind

Sunday, December 12, 2010

... worked for me!

...worked for me!

A vertical nose
Averts tickles, no
Sense will come of this
A finger penciling wrists

On the palettes
Of the pal it's
A loon, a tick
A lunatic
Madly yanking purple
Cackling more per pull
Goading all the silvers 
With windowless sill verse

Gleaming orange gels
Shaping men or angels
One can never tell

Easels ease I'll
Seal them eyes
Oh, um, am I
Hooked on fawns?


Friday, December 10, 2010

The Mouth

The Mouth

Miners forage for aged
Carbon detritus
The granite grants its haunting
Caverns unopposed,

"You're claiming this your mine
But all that glitters here is mine

A minute is mlnute
You miners are but minors
Taunting ancient depths
Suffice to say you'll exit
Staying mingles death"

With pick and torch
They pick a way
Abyssal beckoning
Elusive  specters
Hiding in the hollows
Just beyond acuity

The sinister stalactites
Grinning broken maws
A hanging dripping awe
A literal suspense

The miners moving on
Intensely wary
Nary a canary
Held to test the draft
That inundates the shaft

A tepid gazing
Seeks the apogee
A surface writhing
Keening shifting forms
Keenly seeping murk

Disquietude  distilled
They plunder deeper still

The dank and dark beguile
There are no stars to pass
The night eternal waits
But then!  A diamond flash
Enticed euphoric states

The miners clutch what they had sought
A smattering of gems
But the miners part with naught
The mine has swallowed them

Friday, December 3, 2010



Digits  dig its         really               my
                     swirling       not          problem
   swimming   light        elemental    is
               stagnant      air              the  clock
  a  wa  ng  motion            movement of 
         vi               matching the      
   perilous      peril        ponderous
                ing      us            long    
 resist  sift        scarring            evity
      deem                ember           emblem
 red           blackened       to hold             attic  
          fashioned          hot       erratic     p
brazen            malignance                       l
       blaze  conveyance      indulgent          u
re                              aversion                       m
   current         residual      ow                             e
            flow                 yell                                       s  
                a                               you
                    way              orange    glad
      solved          burned it all                    away
             in                               to         from
slovenly   solvency         frolic         here
                             in the          rubble