Friday, February 25, 2011



Weep repercussion
In your dawn
We prep percussion
Injured on
The wrong din
Whiskey porous
Thronged in
Wish he poured us
Fewer potent potions

Tremble sincere
Trampled since ears
Concuss staccato aches
My eyes are scarred to scarlet
My belly's full of snakes

Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Captivating Captive

A Captivating Captive

1.  Setting

Woman at the market
Babbles at the Sailor,
"Haven't braved the bay yet
Clenched a wave or
Hugged the shore or
Channeled through the water"

Beggar dwelling near
Is seldom low on visions
Always void of sight

The Sailor's travels
Coasting to a treasure
Worth a gasp of gravel
Strange demeanor
For a lantern
Genie's dormant dorm

2.  Wishes

"Genie!  Wish the first:
Slake the Woman's verse
Acquaint her to the sea
In all her majesty"

A given whim,
"She now abides
Entropic tropics
(those of Cancer)
Pointed at the spray"

"That wasn't my intention
Yet it measures amply apt
And so I will a second act
The Beggar's disability,
Improve his faulty faculties
Impair this fit of blindness "

Beggar mended so
Concocts horrific howling,
"Travesty of ugliness!
These hands divulge no loveliness
These sands exude no joyfulness
If seeing is believing,
Then I preach you gift me blight.
If you've a heart ,repeal!
Remand this curse of sight!"

The Sailor is unsettled
Emigrates conviction,
"Aye, I clutched a faith at lamps
Naivety, a sneaky grant
Revoke these actions now
And then you are dismissed
Your wonders were remiss"


The lamp once held
Beheld beholden
That is, owing to
Beleaguered by the tide
Affixed upon the ballast
Foaming, short on sight

Friday, February 4, 2011

One For the WoW Crowd

I wasn't in the mood to challenge myself this week, so I just wrote something basic and silly.  Note:  I have never played WoW, but I've heard enough about it, and played Warcraft 2 and 3.

One For the WoW Crowd

Perturbed alliance for the whored
Uncertain what the fighting's for
Enchanted swords and robes galore
Unending quests of crafty war

Adrift chateaus of Dalaran
ReQuests a force of forty men
Campaigns against Lord Illidan,
"An epic mace!  Let's raid again!"

Announced expansion, something new!
A level cap of ninety-two!
Insult?  I won't belittle you
I spend my time in basements too