Friday, February 4, 2011

One For the WoW Crowd

I wasn't in the mood to challenge myself this week, so I just wrote something basic and silly.  Note:  I have never played WoW, but I've heard enough about it, and played Warcraft 2 and 3.

One For the WoW Crowd

Perturbed alliance for the whored
Uncertain what the fighting's for
Enchanted swords and robes galore
Unending quests of crafty war

Adrift chateaus of Dalaran
ReQuests a force of forty men
Campaigns against Lord Illidan,
"An epic mace!  Let's raid again!"

Announced expansion, something new!
A level cap of ninety-two!
Insult?  I won't belittle you
I spend my time in basements too

1 comment:

Shihaz'riah said...

Haha! That sums up the entire game rather nicely actually. ^_^