Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Germ Party

Homophones.  The adverb form of supple can also be spelled "supply", but I thought that would just look like I was repeating the VERB "supply" used in the line above it.  Homographs can be tricky little buggers. 

Germ Party

Weekend celebration
We can sell abrasion
Influence all
Colonizing tingles

Call her a
Staff injections
Staph infections
Always there to mingle

Wheeze out and cough in
We sowed and coffins
Supply their aids
Supplely there, AIDS
Lead: the poison
Led the poise on
hat, or maybe shingles

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Car and Raindrops

 I call this style "word collage," though if anyone knows the actual term, let me know.  The last time I did something like this was in 2010 (http://poemsbygreg.blogspot.com/2010/12/smoldered.html)  Previously I have used this style for confusion and complexity, but today's instead focuses on shaping.  .  

I wanted to make it longer, but there isn't much to say about falling rain.

Car and Raindrops
     la             gashing   the
sp      ing        immead     air 
      sh                       iacy     clean
        sl  id    in     g   tire's    peace
     out                       bu        
            of            tur     len   
 control!                     ce

                     e         f         u
                     s          n      n
  guard rails   o           e    l   
                     r              l  e  

               te   er          
         on             from
       the                   the  
    g                             cloud

    t                                 t
   o                                  o

  fall                              fa
is to                              l
c   a                    is     to     return
   r     h    

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Lasers in Space!

Homophonic and not particularly serious.

"Mere" has the superlative form of "merest", but no comparative form.
I presume the comparative would then be "more mere," but that sounds awful.
Though ungrammatical, "merer" is understandable and works homophonically.

Lasers in Space!

All turn at
Ways to mirror
Waste to merer
Up here in sus-
-tained forces
Stained, forced us
To squint, essential
To quintessential
Laser's trick
Lays our strict
Decency aside
Raise the blasters up
Now it's time to die!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A Blustery Autumn Day

I decided to do a few shorter bw/fw stanzas instead of a single longer one.  then I ended with a few free lines to end the spell.  nothing deep this week.

A Blustery Autumn Day

Gales spiraling leaves
Drafting over dew
Drafty leaves
Spiraling gales

Outpouring of clouds darkened
Then to hail
A tapping Morse code
More tapping, a hail
To then-darkened clouds
Of pouring out

Gently stepping
Puddles sloshing
I caught a girl by surprise
Shared umbrellas
Umbrellas shared
Surprise by girl, a caught eye
Sloshing puddles
Stepping gently

The storm passed
We remained, huddled
With the smell of clarity

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


homophones.  looking forward to next year so I can move on to a completely new style.


The audacity!
The odd acidy
Gas particles
*gasp* articles
Wither atwixt
With her at wick's
Relevant end
Revel and and
'ware the air or
Wear the error
Warming handle's
Warning, and I'll
Deep art:
The flame