Sunday, January 30, 2011

One for the Insomniacs

For lack of inspiration, back to homophones.

One for the Insomniacs

Seething sleep
A loud aunt
See things leap
Allowed ants
Forsaken pillow
For sake in pill, oh
To dream

Sought a void
Sot, avoids
A slumber illicit
As lumber elicits
Sawing sounds
Saw winged hounds
Maybe they were sheep

I persevere
I purse severe
Lids against the light
And dream to rest the night

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Mary Fled the Altar For the Birds

A distortion of a children's classic.
I recommend checking out the original, unblemished nursery-rhyme lyrics first (on the bottom of this page ).  Enjoy.

Mary Fled the Altar For the Birds

Marry?  Addled it all lam
And flees.   What's wight, as knows.
And every wear that merry wind
On lam, is yours to blow

If owl hurts to cool, won day
(that was a gain vs. cruel)
It made the chilled wren flap and stray
To see on lam, a fool

And sow that each her terns sit out
And still to ring her ear
And weighted patient lee-ward bouts,
"Till, Mary.  Dig up here."

Wide, "Does the land love Mary so?"
The egret chicks do cry:
"Well, Mary loves the lame, you know
That each hen cranes to fly."

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Living Death

A return to the mostly metered, spiced with rhyme, short-story style of poem.

Living Death

Gashed starvation
Strange mutation
Gushed a shambles
Wretches partly slain
A shuffled shambling
Croaks a craven, "Pray!"
Mishearing that as "Brains!"
It's quarantined away

Secluding fence
A cloven cry
Unsurely sent,,
"But what is this
And what am I?"

Missing breaths
"And yet," it thinks,
"I'm not upset"
Proposed a purpose
Meant for meaning
Seeming to
Resort to delving
Shapes into the sand

A message thus ingrained
For those that fly above
Or bask in higher planes,
"I am not a monster"
A zombie, all the same

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

They Won! (they threw it all away)


This poem is a villanelle (  ) comprised of 5-7-5 haiku.
Use of near-homophones to obscure line repetition (refrains) demanded by the villanelle form.
Except for said refrains, strictly metered.

They Won!  (they threw it all away)

Dispose all intents  
Disguising this illusion 
Betterment in sense

Composite cadence
Every act imbibed and done
This prose: all intense

Expiring moments
Permeating past the guns 
Better meant in scents

Expounding silence
Synchronistic with the sun
This pose: all in tents 

Encroached insistence  
Catalogs the course begun 
Better men incensed

Distort transcendence
Rapture dwindled what was won:
Disposal intents.
... better mend innocence