Wednesday, January 5, 2011

They Won! (they threw it all away)


This poem is a villanelle (  ) comprised of 5-7-5 haiku.
Use of near-homophones to obscure line repetition (refrains) demanded by the villanelle form.
Except for said refrains, strictly metered.

They Won!  (they threw it all away)

Dispose all intents  
Disguising this illusion 
Betterment in sense

Composite cadence
Every act imbibed and done
This prose: all intense

Expiring moments
Permeating past the guns 
Better meant in scents

Expounding silence
Synchronistic with the sun
This pose: all in tents 

Encroached insistence  
Catalogs the course begun 
Better men incensed

Distort transcendence
Rapture dwindled what was won:
Disposal intents.
... better mend innocence

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