Tuesday, December 27, 2011

To Fill In The Blank

To Fill In The Blank

Nixed additions
Mixed renditions
Motley lot of
Null ambition
Hung in heedless time

Faithful letters
Filed by fetter
Field on grounds of
Nothing better:
"Nixed" begins the line

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Cat on Christmas

The Cat on Christmas

Whisk her whys
Pause, outstretches
Whiskers, wise
Paws out, stretches
Loosing wrappings, owners
Loosing rappings on her-
She hightails for now

Later, she
Licks her furr for
Liquor fervor
Hushes clamor
Huh?  She's clambered up-
      t ree
    c ome s 
 c ra s h in g

Monday, December 5, 2011

The Sightseers

I declare myself King of Homophones. 

The Sightseers

Camera digests
Comrades, I'd just
An able
Two-wrist slump
Tourists lump
Memento made, just
Momentum, adjust
Attention to guide
A tension tug, I'd
Better carry on;
I'd not be left behind

Wednesday, November 23, 2011



Sainted Santa's
Urgent urgings
Seeping sappy
Listless luster
Shaping shoppers'
Lustless bluster,
"Buy another!"
Low commotion
By another
Loco motion
Milling mobs in
Millions bogged in
Mauling malls in
Black Friday missions
Of White Christmas visions

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

From Dusk to Dawn

metered haiku.

From Dusk to Dawn

Day's tenacious plunge
Prolonging wane will surely
Acclimate acclaim

Awe inhabits this
Collective recollection
Slyly slinking by

Melted tinge above
Abstaining from pronouncement
Gleaning quiet gleam

Mute and unrenounced
The moon and I affirming
Hours still as ours

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Mirror in the Bathroom

it's not the best form for everything, but I do think it has a certain elegance to it.  backwards-forwards.

Mirror in the Bathroom

Occupied flourescence
Surrounding familiar
Marred mirrors
Reflections questioned,
"Who are you?"
Refracted silence
No answers, no
Silence refracted
You are who?
Questioned reflections
Mirrors marred
Familiar surrounding
Flourescence occupied

Monday, October 31, 2011

The Process

"normal" poem this week.  quota for october: done.

The Process

I have a
Pensive pen and inkling ink
Converse convergent covers
Chanting penchants lankly linked;
A clustered cluttered manuscript

Contentious canted content
Hordes of hoarded increment
Encased, erased as fitting
Manifesto's manifest:
The lucky deftly left.
Perhaps the best

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Rock Climber

a poem in under thirty minutes!  backward/forward variety. 

The Rock Climber

Arise above agitation
Gasped, “Endurance.”
Abrasions with standing
Uphill battles
Faced stone
Battles uphill
Withstanding abrasions
Endurance grasped
Repelling agitation
Above a rise

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Ostrich

The Ostrich

Birds of many feathers
Ostracize the ostrich eyes
As sandy as the beach

A bleating, out of reach
Discordant, cerbrawl
Stifled to reprieval

Blissfulness in ignorance
Defenseless to the teeth
The alligator feeds
The beak is still, beneath

Friday, October 7, 2011

The Single Sock

The Single Sock

Sewn-together sox-life
Flailing frail compulsion
Simplified significance:
A trifling warmth, a shoeless sock
She needs a heel to tie the knot

Wrapped attention showing
Rapt affection sowing
Footwear fabrication
Closet alienations
Tad unraveled, watch her
Lose her partner in the washer

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Total War / Hippie Commune

Total War / Hippie Commune

Arsenic gait
Guard in communal mayhem
Rock, enroll
Threat of mights
On a bashed
Stoned plain.
Plain stoned,
Wore mites of thread
Rock and roll may hem
Communal garden gate
Scenic, ours

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Tepid Calm / Boiling Anarchy

I enjoy stark juxtaposition in a backward-forward work. 

Tepid Calm / Boiling Anarchy

Change a side internal
I contained wetted condensation
Annexed beading glasses
Sections calm,
In time,
Sat your hated
Qualm sessions
Glass is beating a next condescension
Whetted, I can tame
Aside chains

Sunday, September 18, 2011

A Tale of Bruised Fruit

a forwards/backwards one about fruits battling.

A Tale of Bruised Fruit

Fault her
(Cruel Berry)
On her cue,
"Recon Currant's
Conk-quest of glory's
Add miring bafflement
Thoroughly rated whole, sum:
Bury misgivings, berry's
Raided thoroughly,
Battlements admiring decedents
Glory of conquest!
We, concurrent,
Queue honor
Bear ecru, I'll

    In the shopping aisle.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Brain Wants Coffee

No poem last week due to an ongoing sore-throat/tired funk.

I made myself get back to work this week.  rhyme, some meter, some other little tricks.

Brain Wants Coffee

A late instruction?

Reduced deduction.
Constricts conduction
Miming on the synapse.

Construed construction
Exudes exhaustion
Concludes a

                             lapse  *yawn*


Induced combustion
Colludes induction
Neurotic neurons charged!

Habitual, perhaps; this
Obliged alertness relapse

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Depression / Mania

Depression / Mania

Miens to have a bawl
Weeping whim-sickles winnow will, oh
Another find, a
Passive aggression
Change of mood
Mood of change
Aggressive passion
Another fine day!
We ping whimsical; win.  Oh, Willow
Means to have a ball

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Psychology Cheat Sheet

childish puns and easy rhymes.

Psychology Cheat Sheet

Mental meant all men tall
Condimental is a thought of birth control
Compartmental is a thought to come apart
Departmental is an inkling to depart
Detrimental meant a mental detritus
Supplemental is a mental limberness
Excremental is a truly dirty thought
Fundamental is the logic of the bought
Regimental thought is better left to Regis
Rudimental thought: a thought discourteous
Documental- See, "When boats return from oceans"
Elemental is an elephantine notion

I will ace the psych test!

Monday, August 15, 2011

the liberry's AFK

another forwards/backwards reflection.  i may attempt a more challenging variation for next week.

(teh liberry's AFK)

Readily proffered hand at exodus:
Book-dying and texts of age
Artistic efforts timeless
Knowledge in pertinent
Impertinent knowledge!
Less time- efforts autistic
Age of texts and dying book
Exodus at hand;
Preferred readily

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I am currently out of homophonic devices (I try to not re-use them).  Thus, the purest iteration of this idea thus far.  This one reads word-for-word the same backwards and forwards.


Work In Progress:
Sensible sounds
Assembled segments, evidently
Barely half-read
Sufficiently middling, sufficiently
Read half, barely
Evidently, segments assembled
Sounds sensible
Progress In Work:

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Beaker Full of Fumes

Further efforts in the forward-backward/palindromic styling.  Once I have 30-40 of these under my belt I might start compiling and editing and see what I want to do with all these poems.

Beaker Full of Fumes

Blended with blended

This solution
Rampant with rampant

Chemist concocts
This illusion;
Concocts chemist's

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Contagious Tango

Contagious Tango

Bounce knees
Skirts sashay
PliƩ fevers illness
Whistling animately,
Melodies plague it, tar
Lightness in pulse
In courage
Impulsed lightness
Play guitar maladies
Animately whistling
Plea a fee for stillness
Sashay, skirts!
Pounce, sneeze-

Friday, July 22, 2011

Typess of Cloudss

Uninspired allieration exercise.

Typess Of Cloudss

Some skies sob, but
Shed no tiers
Such would solely slander
Stated slender structure

Status of the static:
Stratus in these attics
Skims serenely, shape sufficient
Shivers crystalline subsistence

Cirrus serious
Subserving Sirius
A shepherd's smooth siesta
Soothing silken shade

And sooty Mister Nimbus
So mysterious
He mists here.  I, us
Accumulate the Cumulus
To shortly stack so softly;
Satin of the stars

May edit slightly over the weekend.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Deadliest Cast

i've decided that implementing my other tools in to this form is unnecessary.

Deadliest Cast

Waiving doldrums,
See thee on:
"Assist a peer!"
(a drag-in)
A dragon appears!
(a cyst on the sea)
Doldrums waving

All aboard Reality TV!
A bored all

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Baghdad Honeymoon

This is simplistic, but I will continue experimenting with this form.  It's something different.

Baghdad Honeymoon

Avail vibrating 
Vibrating a veil

Pried shutters showing
Blowing freely
Freely blowing, showing *shudders*

Dyed to all bomb's properties
Tease balms-
All two died.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Busted Lightbulbs

Busted Lightbulbs

A path of logic, pathogens
Impeach a host annulled;
A pathologic path again

The first transmission:
Vials essential,
"Vile essence shall
Be rended now inert!"
In fervor too overt,
"The spark within
Cannot refute
A method to desert!"
Free from syntax
Free from sin, tax
Shared shards left behind

The glassy masses
Hindered by a vanity
Obey the doubtless zealotry
In fever to deport
The soul from carnal bulk

The Anti-body Party
Breaks them,
Frees them all

Thursday, June 16, 2011



In her, it's
A steamed air
Buckling under caution
Puffiness in the veins
(we've no patients)
Puffin nests in the vane
Weaves no patience
Final spoken,
"Given all I had
I earn pyre right
Beside the golden"

She passes on

Vain inquire, the
Esteemed erred
As teemed heirs
Flummoxed by her will,
Iron pyrite

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A Thorny Subject

A Thorny Subject

The Owl landing low
Confides in conifers
A warbled wooden warning,
"Trees, beware the men!
They'll tear you limb by limb
Enshrine your pulp as bored
(as in, a two-by-four)
They'll lead you hammered
Leave you screwed
Leave you without leaves

The Ash will earn his name
The Palm will lose her claim
As Governess of Sand
Now please, oh trees, attend:
Beware the man!"

The trees divided,
"Goofy Owl,
What a hoot!
The men will bear our fruit
And surely cherish from it."

Others heeded
Chafed on budding teeth
Configured worser bites
Than their bark

Tuesday, May 31, 2011



The chick emerged at night
And left the shell behind
Caressed a nested warmth
Divined a sense of touch

A churning in the stomach
Whimpered out a chirping
Restless others bickered back
The rustling breezes blew
With such a sound device
The world was more defined

A leafy filter skewed the sun
In gradual delight,
The Chick, "What has begun?"
"Oh, you've never seen
This universal gift:
The gentle shade of green."

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Triggered Happy

i'm back!  blank verse.  wrang, it turns out, it an incorrect past-tense conjugation of the verb "wring."  luckily, i'm ok with that.  hopefully you are too.

Triggered Happy

The shot wrang out
Liquid minutes
Bogging down the paths

The brains stormed
The sound of sunder
Shady lightening
The clouds with silver
Lining up to ogle

Giddy hails in vocal chords
Tattooed upon the lips
Now flapping of the fray
What joy has come of this.
The salvoed shots have struck
The shock has gone astray

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Working Class Blues

One for the working class, casual style.

Working Class Blues

It's none of my business
Only my employment
"Where's the hottest wares at?"
Listen carefully,
We don't assemble product
This: an Idiot Factory

We cannot manufacture
Civilized civilians
Here's a tip: tip!
Concede concessions are
A little out of hand
The candy's not required
And, I don't direct demand
So you don't have to shout
As I am not The Man

I often dread the tantrums
Or the double-shifts that kill
I've got to make an income
*really need to pay the bills*

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Victim Numb (A "Friday" Remix)


April is National Sexual Abuse Awareness and Prevention Month, organized by RAINN.

Based on original lyrics of "Friday," sung by Rebecca Black, Ark Music Factory.

I have altered the structure:
1.  removed the opening yeah yeah yeahs 
2.  removed the black guy's part
3.  removed nearly all of the repetition
4.  removed the lines about Saturday/Sunday
5.  added a bit to the end (a chimera of lines and sounds)

Phonetically, I tried to make it close enough that a drunk could karaoke this version and other drunks might not have a clue. 
Some degree of sound authenticity was sacrificed to make content completely distinct.  And coherent.

Syllable counts are identical to the original.

Cruzan is, of course, rum.  I intended "wound" as the adjective, NOT the noun meaning "injury."  (they are pronounced differently)


Victim, Numb (A "Friday" Remix)


Save an AM-wave kin; nought this morning
"Got a beef rash?" , got a ghost downstairs
Got to halve my bowl; got to have (serial)
See in every thing that I'm going
Tickling yawn and dawn, every body’s hushin'
Got to get down to the bus-
Got a catch: my blush; I see my friends...

Kicking-in the front seat
Satan in the back seat
Got to make my mind up
Which heat can I take?

It’s fried daze, fried daze
Gotta get wound on Friday
Everybody’s looking for her
To be weakened, weakened

Part he in part me and.. yeah
Part he in part me and... yeah
Fawn, fawn, fawn, fawn
Looking forward to the weekend

7:45, weird drive-in on the high-way
Cruzan so fast, I want him (tough lie)
Fawn, fawn, think about fun
You know what tit is?
I fought this, you got this
My friend is by no right-
I fought this, you got this
Now you-

Yesterday was thirsty Thursday
Today a fried daze, fried daze (part me and-)
Whee-whee-wheeze, accept it
*Wheeze* _so accepted
Weed gone; I have a bawl today

7 AM wake, I'm cupping this mourning
Cruzan so fast
Got to have my bowl
Looking forward to a fried daze
Numb, numb, numb


Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Speechless Sculptor

One for the bohemians.

The Speechless Sculptor

Every weekend leads to town
A staggered lounge to lounge around
Tonight's profound distraction is
Improved improvisation
Grand companionship of lyric
Harmony in spirit

Patrons with imbibed bravado
Hail the Sculptor thus imbued
Admirers swagger on or note
One-sided conversation

He loathes this situation
Loudly lauded merits
Short a normal facet:
Sculpting letters up to sound
Awaiting drinks abate disgrace
The Sculptor in this clamor
Strikes himself to hammered

The evening ends
The block is mute
The Sculptor too
And yet
Together they intone
A pounding heart
A pounded chisel
Rhythm has resumed

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Hypnotic Riptide Piracy

Hypnotic Riptide Piracy

Watch the watch
It's sticking its ticking
Hear and here
We seize her
Wheezes "Our
Dinghy's ripping out!"


Boyo see-
No buoyancy
Jettison to jet us on
Things he's stripping out:
Swayed suede
Sheer shears
Cargoes untied
Cars go on tide
Weights away!
A waste


What a failure
For a foray
Water fool you're
Thin, jeez!  Dripping 'bout
Report: re-port!
The dinghy's skipping out!

Then a thunder clapping handy
Raised the curtain of the iris
Captain's cause for salty ire is
Sailors sleeping late

Monday, March 7, 2011

Fighting Rooster Goes to Seed

(edited march 9))

Fighting Rooster Goes to Seed

Musket feints
Must get faint
The Rooster feigns:
A farmer's grain
Several aloe legions,
Severs all allegiance
But unto the range

A driven drove
Equates his meekness
With a habitude of weakness,
"There he spares a sparrow
Crows, 'Owl not deprive it'
This we can deprave,
Supplant his supple plants"

Bantam Rooster banters
Plows past ravished radish
Peas mussed, beans deep-ended
Peace must be defended
He puts off procrastination
And wetly whets his beak
This Rooster brawls for beets
The Rooster bought the farm

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Leopards Lose Their Spot

The Leopards Lose Their Spot

The Antelope
Exerts a lope
Refused to cope
With standing still to die

     The Cheetah flexed
     Unbounded heft
Maneuvered left
     andered, lost the prey
The Cheetah fasts today

A slouch to shade
A spiteful respite
Shortened fairly fully,
"Cheetah, scurry!  
Mind this spot:
A leopard colony
And you are naught

You raze and dart
We laze and slink
And rarely break a sweat
(unless we go to drink)
Lumber onward, little pet
In upper class,

"I scamper under
But I am not below you
I'll wring you        
                    down to earth"

Rabid Cheetah spawns
A rapid         taking  to      over
           under              take              
Massacres the rodents
Scaring Elephants
To coax them to his aid

The Elephants indebted
Gnash the heights and wre
                                       nch them down
To cast a baser heaven
Fur a caste of lower cats

Friday, February 25, 2011



Weep repercussion
In your dawn
We prep percussion
Injured on
The wrong din
Whiskey porous
Thronged in
Wish he poured us
Fewer potent potions

Tremble sincere
Trampled since ears
Concuss staccato aches
My eyes are scarred to scarlet
My belly's full of snakes

Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Captivating Captive

A Captivating Captive

1.  Setting

Woman at the market
Babbles at the Sailor,
"Haven't braved the bay yet
Clenched a wave or
Hugged the shore or
Channeled through the water"

Beggar dwelling near
Is seldom low on visions
Always void of sight

The Sailor's travels
Coasting to a treasure
Worth a gasp of gravel
Strange demeanor
For a lantern
Genie's dormant dorm

2.  Wishes

"Genie!  Wish the first:
Slake the Woman's verse
Acquaint her to the sea
In all her majesty"

A given whim,
"She now abides
Entropic tropics
(those of Cancer)
Pointed at the spray"

"That wasn't my intention
Yet it measures amply apt
And so I will a second act
The Beggar's disability,
Improve his faulty faculties
Impair this fit of blindness "

Beggar mended so
Concocts horrific howling,
"Travesty of ugliness!
These hands divulge no loveliness
These sands exude no joyfulness
If seeing is believing,
Then I preach you gift me blight.
If you've a heart ,repeal!
Remand this curse of sight!"

The Sailor is unsettled
Emigrates conviction,
"Aye, I clutched a faith at lamps
Naivety, a sneaky grant
Revoke these actions now
And then you are dismissed
Your wonders were remiss"


The lamp once held
Beheld beholden
That is, owing to
Beleaguered by the tide
Affixed upon the ballast
Foaming, short on sight

Friday, February 4, 2011

One For the WoW Crowd

I wasn't in the mood to challenge myself this week, so I just wrote something basic and silly.  Note:  I have never played WoW, but I've heard enough about it, and played Warcraft 2 and 3.

One For the WoW Crowd

Perturbed alliance for the whored
Uncertain what the fighting's for
Enchanted swords and robes galore
Unending quests of crafty war

Adrift chateaus of Dalaran
ReQuests a force of forty men
Campaigns against Lord Illidan,
"An epic mace!  Let's raid again!"

Announced expansion, something new!
A level cap of ninety-two!
Insult?  I won't belittle you
I spend my time in basements too

Sunday, January 30, 2011

One for the Insomniacs

For lack of inspiration, back to homophones.

One for the Insomniacs

Seething sleep
A loud aunt
See things leap
Allowed ants
Forsaken pillow
For sake in pill, oh
To dream

Sought a void
Sot, avoids
A slumber illicit
As lumber elicits
Sawing sounds
Saw winged hounds
Maybe they were sheep

I persevere
I purse severe
Lids against the light
And dream to rest the night

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Mary Fled the Altar For the Birds

A distortion of a children's classic.
I recommend checking out the original, unblemished nursery-rhyme lyrics first (on the bottom of this page  http://americanfolklore.net/folklore/2010/07/animal_nursery_rhymes.htm ).  Enjoy.

Mary Fled the Altar For the Birds

Marry?  Addled it all lam
And flees.   What's wight, as knows.
And every wear that merry wind
On lam, is yours to blow

If owl hurts to cool, won day
(that was a gain vs. cruel)
It made the chilled wren flap and stray
To see on lam, a fool

And sow that each her terns sit out
And still to ring her ear
And weighted patient lee-ward bouts,
"Till, Mary.  Dig up here."

Wide, "Does the land love Mary so?"
The egret chicks do cry:
"Well, Mary loves the lame, you know
That each hen cranes to fly."

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Living Death

A return to the mostly metered, spiced with rhyme, short-story style of poem.

Living Death

Gashed starvation
Strange mutation
Gushed a shambles
Wretches partly slain
A shuffled shambling
Croaks a craven, "Pray!"
Mishearing that as "Brains!"
It's quarantined away

Secluding fence
A cloven cry
Unsurely sent,,
"But what is this
And what am I?"

Missing breaths
"And yet," it thinks,
"I'm not upset"
Proposed a purpose
Meant for meaning
Seeming to
Resort to delving
Shapes into the sand

A message thus ingrained
For those that fly above
Or bask in higher planes,
"I am not a monster"
A zombie, all the same

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

They Won! (they threw it all away)


This poem is a villanelle ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Villanelle  ) comprised of 5-7-5 haiku.
Use of near-homophones to obscure line repetition (refrains) demanded by the villanelle form.
Except for said refrains, strictly metered.

They Won!  (they threw it all away)

Dispose all intents  
Disguising this illusion 
Betterment in sense

Composite cadence
Every act imbibed and done
This prose: all intense

Expiring moments
Permeating past the guns 
Better meant in scents

Expounding silence
Synchronistic with the sun
This pose: all in tents 

Encroached insistence  
Catalogs the course begun 
Better men incensed

Distort transcendence
Rapture dwindled what was won:
Disposal intents.
... better mend innocence