Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Speechless Sculptor

One for the bohemians.

The Speechless Sculptor

Every weekend leads to town
A staggered lounge to lounge around
Tonight's profound distraction is
Improved improvisation
Grand companionship of lyric
Harmony in spirit

Patrons with imbibed bravado
Hail the Sculptor thus imbued
Admirers swagger on or note
One-sided conversation

He loathes this situation
Loudly lauded merits
Short a normal facet:
Sculpting letters up to sound
Awaiting drinks abate disgrace
The Sculptor in this clamor
Strikes himself to hammered

The evening ends
The block is mute
The Sculptor too
And yet
Together they intone
A pounding heart
A pounded chisel
Rhythm has resumed

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