Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Well, I Like the First Few Lines

This one was  rather uninspired, so I had little motivation to polish it.  8 and 6 syllable lines with direct or slant rhyme on even-line pairs.  Weakly instated alternating ba-BAH meter.  This is a good example of a poem that later getting scrapped for spare parts.  Check out the post prior to this one for a chance to win a gift card, right now if you entered... you'd win by default.

Well, I Like the First Few Lines

I've practiced conversations
I doubt I'll ever speak
A dozen words deleted 
For every one you'll read
I've wondered what adventures wait
If we were once again
So daft and rash and worry-free
And eager to pretend

It's often unproductive though 
To dwell on "could've been"
It's better leave it rest and sleep
And see who dreams therein

Monday, December 10, 2012

A Something

This week is basic rhyme, 8 syllable lines, iambic.  Has a Dr. Seuss feel, but not a Dr.Seuss feeling.  Straight rhyme is what got me interested in poems in the first place.  
A Something

A Something meant to be forgot
(A thing between the Speck and Spot)
A nearly self-aborted thought
An asterisk
*A formless clot

Unleashing then a ropey plot
A String asked Knot, "Ask naught, ask not
Ignore it now, and wish it rots-
That Something meant to be forgot."

The Something though had been begot
It quivered up and fetched a pot
The Soup was done, the Cook was shot
The Something meant to be forgot
Exhumed the Space, the Speck, the Spot
Unstitched the tethered stringy plot
Then winking once, it was no more
What was, was not
Some Something had effected lots

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Crowded Room

Word collage.  Arial is not fixed-width after all.  That probably accounts for the occasional hiccup I've encountered.  Now using Courier font.

I had planned the start working on this style next year, but I lost interest in backwards and forwards faster than anticipated. Unless I come up with something new or interesting, I'm done with bw/fw, and now I can play with word collages.

The Crowded Room

st        excuse  how     me!
st             are   you?
stuttered and stammered   yammered
     over          possibly     hammered
punch    heard    polite              AT
         music someplace             HIS

food,    pets,    scents over
 (Chex    (shed             whelming
    Mix)       ding)     per

everyone    I'm   not
 yawns    impressed  listening
over            humdrum
   this   Babel     commotion
scene  babbling    and   crackling
   "Have some egg nog!" logs

    This is where I step     out
                             for some air.