Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Well, I Like the First Few Lines

This one was  rather uninspired, so I had little motivation to polish it.  8 and 6 syllable lines with direct or slant rhyme on even-line pairs.  Weakly instated alternating ba-BAH meter.  This is a good example of a poem that later getting scrapped for spare parts.  Check out the post prior to this one for a chance to win a gift card, right now if you entered... you'd win by default.

Well, I Like the First Few Lines

I've practiced conversations
I doubt I'll ever speak
A dozen words deleted 
For every one you'll read
I've wondered what adventures wait
If we were once again
So daft and rash and worry-free
And eager to pretend

It's often unproductive though 
To dwell on "could've been"
It's better leave it rest and sleep
And see who dreams therein

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

who spoesn,t imagine what ifs? I do it all the time. I survived on it growing up. silence was survival