Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Working Class Blues

One for the working class, casual style.

Working Class Blues

It's none of my business
Only my employment
"Where's the hottest wares at?"
Listen carefully,
We don't assemble product
This: an Idiot Factory

We cannot manufacture
Civilized civilians
Here's a tip: tip!
Concede concessions are
A little out of hand
The candy's not required
And, I don't direct demand
So you don't have to shout
As I am not The Man

I often dread the tantrums
Or the double-shifts that kill
I've got to make an income
*really need to pay the bills*

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Victim Numb (A "Friday" Remix)


April is National Sexual Abuse Awareness and Prevention Month, organized by RAINN.

Based on original lyrics of "Friday," sung by Rebecca Black, Ark Music Factory.

I have altered the structure:
1.  removed the opening yeah yeah yeahs 
2.  removed the black guy's part
3.  removed nearly all of the repetition
4.  removed the lines about Saturday/Sunday
5.  added a bit to the end (a chimera of lines and sounds)

Phonetically, I tried to make it close enough that a drunk could karaoke this version and other drunks might not have a clue. 
Some degree of sound authenticity was sacrificed to make content completely distinct.  And coherent.

Syllable counts are identical to the original.

Cruzan is, of course, rum.  I intended "wound" as the adjective, NOT the noun meaning "injury."  (they are pronounced differently)


Victim, Numb (A "Friday" Remix)


Save an AM-wave kin; nought this morning
"Got a beef rash?" , got a ghost downstairs
Got to halve my bowl; got to have (serial)
See in every thing that I'm going
Tickling yawn and dawn, every body’s hushin'
Got to get down to the bus-
Got a catch: my blush; I see my friends...

Kicking-in the front seat
Satan in the back seat
Got to make my mind up
Which heat can I take?

It’s fried daze, fried daze
Gotta get wound on Friday
Everybody’s looking for her
To be weakened, weakened

Part he in part me and.. yeah
Part he in part me and... yeah
Fawn, fawn, fawn, fawn
Looking forward to the weekend

7:45, weird drive-in on the high-way
Cruzan so fast, I want him (tough lie)
Fawn, fawn, think about fun
You know what tit is?
I fought this, you got this
My friend is by no right-
I fought this, you got this
Now you-

Yesterday was thirsty Thursday
Today a fried daze, fried daze (part me and-)
Whee-whee-wheeze, accept it
*Wheeze* _so accepted
Weed gone; I have a bawl today

7 AM wake, I'm cupping this mourning
Cruzan so fast
Got to have my bowl
Looking forward to a fried daze
Numb, numb, numb


Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Speechless Sculptor

One for the bohemians.

The Speechless Sculptor

Every weekend leads to town
A staggered lounge to lounge around
Tonight's profound distraction is
Improved improvisation
Grand companionship of lyric
Harmony in spirit

Patrons with imbibed bravado
Hail the Sculptor thus imbued
Admirers swagger on or note
One-sided conversation

He loathes this situation
Loudly lauded merits
Short a normal facet:
Sculpting letters up to sound
Awaiting drinks abate disgrace
The Sculptor in this clamor
Strikes himself to hammered

The evening ends
The block is mute
The Sculptor too
And yet
Together they intone
A pounding heart
A pounded chisel
Rhythm has resumed

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Hypnotic Riptide Piracy

Hypnotic Riptide Piracy

Watch the watch
It's sticking its ticking
Hear and here
We seize her
Wheezes "Our
Dinghy's ripping out!"


Boyo see-
No buoyancy
Jettison to jet us on
Things he's stripping out:
Swayed suede
Sheer shears
Cargoes untied
Cars go on tide
Weights away!
A waste


What a failure
For a foray
Water fool you're
Thin, jeez!  Dripping 'bout
Report: re-port!
The dinghy's skipping out!

Then a thunder clapping handy
Raised the curtain of the iris
Captain's cause for salty ire is
Sailors sleeping late

Monday, March 7, 2011

Fighting Rooster Goes to Seed

(edited march 9))

Fighting Rooster Goes to Seed

Musket feints
Must get faint
The Rooster feigns:
A farmer's grain
Several aloe legions,
Severs all allegiance
But unto the range

A driven drove
Equates his meekness
With a habitude of weakness,
"There he spares a sparrow
Crows, 'Owl not deprive it'
This we can deprave,
Supplant his supple plants"

Bantam Rooster banters
Plows past ravished radish
Peas mussed, beans deep-ended
Peace must be defended
He puts off procrastination
And wetly whets his beak
This Rooster brawls for beets
The Rooster bought the farm

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Leopards Lose Their Spot

The Leopards Lose Their Spot

The Antelope
Exerts a lope
Refused to cope
With standing still to die

     The Cheetah flexed
     Unbounded heft
Maneuvered left
     andered, lost the prey
The Cheetah fasts today

A slouch to shade
A spiteful respite
Shortened fairly fully,
"Cheetah, scurry!  
Mind this spot:
A leopard colony
And you are naught

You raze and dart
We laze and slink
And rarely break a sweat
(unless we go to drink)
Lumber onward, little pet
In upper class,

"I scamper under
But I am not below you
I'll wring you        
                    down to earth"

Rabid Cheetah spawns
A rapid         taking  to      over
           under              take              
Massacres the rodents
Scaring Elephants
To coax them to his aid

The Elephants indebted
Gnash the heights and wre
                                       nch them down
To cast a baser heaven
Fur a caste of lower cats