Thursday, March 24, 2011

Victim Numb (A "Friday" Remix)


April is National Sexual Abuse Awareness and Prevention Month, organized by RAINN.

Based on original lyrics of "Friday," sung by Rebecca Black, Ark Music Factory.

I have altered the structure:
1.  removed the opening yeah yeah yeahs 
2.  removed the black guy's part
3.  removed nearly all of the repetition
4.  removed the lines about Saturday/Sunday
5.  added a bit to the end (a chimera of lines and sounds)

Phonetically, I tried to make it close enough that a drunk could karaoke this version and other drunks might not have a clue. 
Some degree of sound authenticity was sacrificed to make content completely distinct.  And coherent.

Syllable counts are identical to the original.

Cruzan is, of course, rum.  I intended "wound" as the adjective, NOT the noun meaning "injury."  (they are pronounced differently)


Victim, Numb (A "Friday" Remix)


Save an AM-wave kin; nought this morning
"Got a beef rash?" , got a ghost downstairs
Got to halve my bowl; got to have (serial)
See in every thing that I'm going
Tickling yawn and dawn, every body’s hushin'
Got to get down to the bus-
Got a catch: my blush; I see my friends...

Kicking-in the front seat
Satan in the back seat
Got to make my mind up
Which heat can I take?

It’s fried daze, fried daze
Gotta get wound on Friday
Everybody’s looking for her
To be weakened, weakened

Part he in part me and.. yeah
Part he in part me and... yeah
Fawn, fawn, fawn, fawn
Looking forward to the weekend

7:45, weird drive-in on the high-way
Cruzan so fast, I want him (tough lie)
Fawn, fawn, think about fun
You know what tit is?
I fought this, you got this
My friend is by no right-
I fought this, you got this
Now you-

Yesterday was thirsty Thursday
Today a fried daze, fried daze (part me and-)
Whee-whee-wheeze, accept it
*Wheeze* _so accepted
Weed gone; I have a bawl today

7 AM wake, I'm cupping this mourning
Cruzan so fast
Got to have my bowl
Looking forward to a fried daze
Numb, numb, numb


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