Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Kingdom Couriers


Kingdom Couriers

The livery
(royal's permission)
Roils per mission
A long road
Along rode
Hungry guards and
Hung regards and
Oh, of course, the horses

Pack edges
Arrows, spears
A rose peers
At this manifest
At this man, if as
Though they had merit
Though the head mare had
Snorted at the thought

Tracking by degree
Trekking by decree
Never ceasing
Never seizing
Much beside the mail,
Galumphing down the trail

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Scatterbrained Scholar

Word collage.  It's a day late because I had things to do yesterday.

The Scatterbrained Scholar

    spatters   pitter-
splatter   patter   of the little
 racing         ned clock     feet
   the       lightning struck  floorboards
ho    moon     with  midnight
  ooowing     -out heed   sincerity
 wolves   wind

All that, went unnoticed.

he  spent   energy   bent  out
      time       over notes  of
 so close!   desks books    shape
   pouring       (tired)
coffee  himself        poring  repetition
    into  every  recitation  until
focus     page    repetition   it sticks

the   storm    had    passed  out
   studies    a    at    last!
 unfinished   dawn  tended
     stubbled   roughness
 work   ending   il i
he dozed off     leg
 before he      ble

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Call of the Night

Three-syllable lines.
Vowel end rhyme on even lines, using "A" sounds.
Writing something this ordinary feels like cheating on a diet.
I'll work harder next week.  Probably do a word collage.

The Call of the Night

Twitching stars
Pressing black
(give or take)
Moaning numb
Harping blank
Offer ways
Dreams may take

Soaring depths
Wounded lakes
Smiling sun
Crawling bliss
Spider's grasp
Oh, what size
Dreams may have

Fast or dumb
Gone or great
Here I spin
In the vast

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Statue Spoke

Let's start the year with some homophones!

The Statue Spoke

A stone spoke
As tones poke
Fun at pigeon's
Funny pitch in
Parodies of flight

This lip inflects
These slips in flecked
Fated granite
Faded grand, it's
In posing
For so long a time

He's never grimaced
He's never grim as
The wanderers
That wander or
Fall to pestilence
(Fault to pest elan)
Per cyst in
Stony permanence