Tuesday, February 26, 2013

In the Web

In the Web

A spider
Espied our
Hungry scene
Hung, re-seen
In silken strands
In sulk's entranced
Grubby hold
Grubs, behold!
I, the fly, am caught

Branched in grumbles
Branching  rumbles
Blowing leaves
Blow in, leave
A space in a scape
As paced, an escape
I, the fly, am freed

Away to a burred shrub
A way to a bird *shrug*
That, the fly, no more

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Dinner and a Movie

Stanzas alternate between homophonic and simple rhyming.

Dinner and a Movie

All askew
I'll ask you
(all as cued)
To a movie
(to a move, he
rang of modesty)

"Add in a meal and
We'll call it a deal."
(a deal isn't dating
but still he's elating
to do the date cliche)

They meet and vegetate
The meat and veggies taste
So lavish he
(so lavishly)
Ponies up the bill

They find a darkened spot
For quite light-hearted plot
They share a laugh and
Notice hands have
Formed into a  knot
Now they deal (they date)
Far more oft than not

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Water Way

Today Blogger was stubbornly against switching to Courier font.  After half a dozen tries, I finally prevailed.  I had colored some of the letters, but after hassling with font for ten minutes I didn't feel like hassling with font colors too.

The Water Way

re make   every  thing
  fund   moment    reenacted
 it   a   messy      distant
all    mental   mis
   anew      ity   step

            r      flagon s
a          v ag a bond     welt er
 stream           buccaneer
       of      walk  the plank
 flot s  consciousness        ton
  jet  am             castaway

thoughts  eddying caught on
mingle  crash       facts kelp
    with     like   against
fishes  relish   w  v  s  the damn
                  a  e       dam

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


word collage.


BEEP!                   k
this      reluctant  fun ction
    foggy     stirrings  oh,
inertia   murmuring  just   five
f umbling for  groggy   minutes 
 m    quiet  displacement  more!

          erved      ur      agn
BEEP!   sw          c  ved  t eld
   huh?      dumbly  lidded images
   what  time           convulsed
  light  is this?   simplicity  ends

BEEP! the   cobwebs   clear
        reality  con      ly
                    verge on
                     the nightstand
                     the alarm clock
                     this woeful hour