Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Water Way

Today Blogger was stubbornly against switching to Courier font.  After half a dozen tries, I finally prevailed.  I had colored some of the letters, but after hassling with font for ten minutes I didn't feel like hassling with font colors too.

The Water Way

re make   every  thing
  fund   moment    reenacted
 it   a   messy      distant
all    mental   mis
   anew      ity   step

            r      flagon s
a          v ag a bond     welt er
 stream           buccaneer
       of      walk  the plank
 flot s  consciousness        ton
  jet  am             castaway

thoughts  eddying caught on
mingle  crash       facts kelp
    with     like   against
fishes  relish   w  v  s  the damn
                  a  e       dam

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