Friday, December 31, 2010



Founded mirrors
His parrot
Found it mere or
To cradle repetition

Ambled forwards
Ample for wards
Cannot stop a sway
In stalled dissent
It all descends
Can?  Ought topple 'way

Image in:
A looking glass demolished
Feathers flurry
"Damn it Polly!"
... end of story

Sunday, December 26, 2010



No intended audience, today.
No verbal tests or overt story, simply something stenciled solely
serving as an outlet.


A meaning to an end
An ending to a means
A brandished kiss
A burnished fist, a
Cataclysm catalyst
Annihilated all bestowed
Enabled swollen
Spaces to create

A remnant sparked
And shone on something bleak
Retracted faster though that any
Shadow might eclipse

It's all my fault
Established peaks
Indented quarters
Rainbows minus rain
Finagled dew stagnation
Failed to drink the world

The countless spent eternities
Admit but one forever
It is this
Hold no value in what-ifs
Only in what is

Sunday, December 19, 2010


This has gone through quite a many edits and permutations.  I can either stay with what I challenged myself to do, or water it down for less abstraction.  I have chosen the former.  So, it's very abstract (there may be a better art term) but hey, read it out loud.


Auras soared
Lewd.  A crystal
Or a sword
Ludicrous, still
It would not stop beating

It's saluting merits
In difference
It's a looting mare, it's
At keeping others warm

Solemn pyre
Saw l'empire
In position
Showing sight the blind
Pro-life proliferation
Hand to brow in kind

Sunday, December 12, 2010

... worked for me!

...worked for me!

A vertical nose
Averts tickles, no
Sense will come of this
A finger penciling wrists

On the palettes
Of the pal it's
A loon, a tick
A lunatic
Madly yanking purple
Cackling more per pull
Goading all the silvers 
With windowless sill verse

Gleaming orange gels
Shaping men or angels
One can never tell

Easels ease I'll
Seal them eyes
Oh, um, am I
Hooked on fawns?


Friday, December 10, 2010

The Mouth

The Mouth

Miners forage for aged
Carbon detritus
The granite grants its haunting
Caverns unopposed,

"You're claiming this your mine
But all that glitters here is mine

A minute is mlnute
You miners are but minors
Taunting ancient depths
Suffice to say you'll exit
Staying mingles death"

With pick and torch
They pick a way
Abyssal beckoning
Elusive  specters
Hiding in the hollows
Just beyond acuity

The sinister stalactites
Grinning broken maws
A hanging dripping awe
A literal suspense

The miners moving on
Intensely wary
Nary a canary
Held to test the draft
That inundates the shaft

A tepid gazing
Seeks the apogee
A surface writhing
Keening shifting forms
Keenly seeping murk

Disquietude  distilled
They plunder deeper still

The dank and dark beguile
There are no stars to pass
The night eternal waits
But then!  A diamond flash
Enticed euphoric states

The miners clutch what they had sought
A smattering of gems
But the miners part with naught
The mine has swallowed them

Friday, December 3, 2010



Digits  dig its         really               my
                     swirling       not          problem
   swimming   light        elemental    is
               stagnant      air              the  clock
  a  wa  ng  motion            movement of 
         vi               matching the      
   perilous      peril        ponderous
                ing      us            long    
 resist  sift        scarring            evity
      deem                ember           emblem
 red           blackened       to hold             attic  
          fashioned          hot       erratic     p
brazen            malignance                       l
       blaze  conveyance      indulgent          u
re                              aversion                       m
   current         residual      ow                             e
            flow                 yell                                       s  
                a                               you
                    way              orange    glad
      solved          burned it all                    away
             in                               to         from
slovenly   solvency         frolic         here
                             in the          rubble

Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Grape Escapes

The Grape Escapes

In the fridge:

Lemons are subLime
The Lime has spread a line
Unfounded gristly rumors
Hungrily denied
Ensuing is the speech
Proclaimed by soured Peach:

"Assaulting saltings!
Gluttonous reductions!
Blatant herbicide
Apples cored and pied!"

The corn has ears to hear
And chooses not to listen to
Acerbic citric fears

The opened door
A jarring light
Potato joins the bunch
The closing door expunging sight
The Man enjoying lunch

"Potato!" Lime insists
"Address the dressings 
That they might enlist"

Potato says its eyes have seen
Curdling bitter happenings
An orange served with pork
Unarguably forked

The Lime would stir rebellion
Tries to juice them up,
"We'll butter up the eggs
Or maybe egg them on
In hopes to hatch a plan
'Cause we are in a pickle
And really in a jam
We'll have to milk ourselves
Complete to beat the Man"

Swiss is really cheesed
Submits a bid to stay
But it's comprised of holes
And something in the whey

Tomato spoiled rotten
Doesn't deign to help,
"'Tis best to be forgotten
On the highest shelf"

The Grape reveals experience
In pressing enterprises
Drafts a map with many seeds
And fruitfulness surprises


The opened door
Insipid light
Emboldened food
Eluding plight
Unfolding is the mission
The plot has neared fruition

Mustard musters forth
The ketchup can't catch up
Begrudgingly gives up
As the Cat's sup

The Noodle squirms
For Jalapeno tripped
And peppered him with glass
Preventing Noodle's brittle state
From roiling very fast

A rash Banana
Creams the Corn
And quickly peels away
The Syrup vetoes aid
Allotting aggravation
Syrup suffers similarly
Sticky situations

After losing Chip
The Avocado sits
Repeating to herself,
"This really is the pits"

Celery is speared
By Peanut's shish kebabs
Unfortunate encounter, but
He always seemed a little nut

The Cat assails the turning Meat,
"I have no beef with you!"
Flurried fury, furry feet
Fractious feline sets to stew

So much was at steak
Of all the food that ventured out
Just the Grape escaped

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Let Them Eat Salad

Let Them Eat Salad

Chicken sabotage
Is seizing BK's beacon,
"Hungry nation,
Bacon beckons
Chicken sickens
Let the birds beak on"

The swine, offended
Start a publication,
"Pork contains saturated
Fats and trichinosis
Which contain psychosis
Try the beef instead"

The cows may shudder
Though not utter
-ly defeated,
Still have udders
"Stop the murder
Of the herd or
We will halt lactation
Try the salad though
The salad lacks contagion"

Never really bleeds
"Sometimes salmonella-"
But the hunger must be fed
No one really heeds
Advice from cabbage heads

Thursday, November 11, 2010



I dip the quill in the winkhell
Inspired by chariots afire
Sung by burden a-cage

The baby has it’s blank-key
The wolf has ador
-ation for the howling wind
That always seems to scream,
As if I’d not heard that before

The flag’s proud palette
Dead white and tru
-ly I’d surrender
Everything and mer
-maids offer shoes for such a feat
To dream of being chased
But cannot run awake

Friday, November 5, 2010

Scribe Mosquito

Scribe Mosquito

We'd weed someplace new
I'll buy a bayou by you
Unearth something old

Amber prison found
Encaging Scribe Mosquito
Quite long in the pen

Freed to cradling air
Does not cheer upon release
Simply starts to write:

"Ink subjects the subjects
Of the kingdom
Where the page enjoys
The highest title
To my recollections

(          stand that you
 Under                stand over   

That which once I stood beside

But oh! 
The things I've known)

I saw jurassic park
Against triassic's vehicle
Sometimes diner-sores
Engorged to point of sick
A reptile dysfunction
Leading them extinct

After that
The egg the first to finish second
As the chicken ran on legs

Being higher, I was hired
Described as scribe with signed designs
Many quatrains did I pen
(They used to pay per paper)
What's that fourth line again?

Adopting adaptations!
Witnessed you in your progression
Flame to axe to conversation
Science fact and hello-copters

The things that you will know!
The times of which I'll write!
My quill is running low
I implore a tiny bite -"

*SLAP* ends the memoirs
"I think that Scribe Mosquito
Must have been quite daft
To think to use our blood
To pen his final draft"

Revert to the knees
Relapse back to pulling weeds
The sun sets amber

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Robert Robot (v.1.0)

Robert Robot (v.1.0)

1.  A Time For Peace


/Contract contraptions
Iterating cataracts
Metallic population
Wired to the sun

One can see
A clock displays a finer face
But Rob has better hands
For crushing circuits down to sand
And fl!pp!ng off demands
To switch to Version 2
"I'm not broke don't fix me"
Analog analogy

Mother-board's antenna
Pressing signals through the hub
Defining v!olence obsolete
Except for Rob's decline
A system-wide reboot

Antique version 1
Rob is shunned and smirked upon,
"He's just a steam punk"

2.  A Time 4or War

A spreading disc0nn3cti0n
Monitored malfunc+!0n
V1ra1 1nf3sta+!0n
Th3 ru5+ mach!n3 1nvad3s

"Your logic is erroneous!
Our pacifism's sensible"
Empowered not to fight,
Surrender to the ru5t1ng b1!gh+
Wh053 s3rv3rs w!11 n0+ s3rv3

Down to the wire
Query sent with trepidation
"Robert, if you love the nation
V!olence now is our salvation
Redirect directive:
Grind against the rust"

Emot1ng something e#p!3+!^3
He mo+ivates his gears
To wh!rring bru+a! 4orc3
Be1!ttled now for years
Refus3s the recourse

3.  A4+3r-ma+h (_sub+rac+10n)

F0!10ws: sys+3ms !d13
Pr0ce5s3d d0wn t0 ear+h
Reason wins debate
4ana+1c5 w0n +h3 war

Ru5+ &nd du5+, some say
Are carnally redundant
A+ 13a5+, they would say
1f they'd st0r3d th3 wisdom
04 d3struc+!0n
1n their 8ank5
(n0w p!11ag3d)

!n th15 8rav3 n3w w0r1d
R08 1s ^3r5!0n +hr33
 :/ (end)

Monday, October 18, 2010

Sorcerer's Apprentice

Sorcerer's Apprentice

(last edit Nov. 8, 2010)

1.  Establishment

Apprentice tending broken vessels
Filling wells already wet
Fulfilling institute's
Curriculum of sweat

Lettered Master done
Arranging sordid tomes
Deserts the novel novice
Hangs the hat and goes

Boring of the daily drills
And the errant errands
Apprentice ceases that
And rashly grabs the hat

Hexing fingers flexing
Animates a broom
Engenders legs and soon
It waltzes through the room

Giddy with success
He gestures then anew
From one emerges two

Employing them to do the chores
His attention turning towards
That great blank yonder:
The heavens high above

Poised upon the precipice
Conducting  lightning with his hand
Unearned might at his command
Blistering the sky

The sorcery he stole
Begins accounting tolls
Apprentice cries, “I'm broke!”
Is shattered in to sleep
The spell remains unbroken

2.  The Dream

Indentured servants missing teeth
Sweep as water mops
Dreaming freedom
Laugh at floating
Lap as flotsam
Sweeps them off their feet
Cascade roaring,
"Love!  Love!"

3.  Conclusion

Waking as the cough and sputter
Hack him back to consciousness
The hat has washed away
He is all washed up

Brooms were hacked apart
From the water sputtering
In floods he can't afford to ford

Sinking in the filthy wash
"I may be in over my head!"
Forms a drastic plan
Many splinters made as one
Resemblance of a raft
(a mostly broken bowl)

Escapes disaster!
Paddles faster
Nervous that a wrathful Master
May come after him
Apprentice never worked
At learning how to swim

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Quasimodo, Songwriter

Quasimodo, Songwriter

Vaulted ceilings lording over
Vaunted gilded statues
Vacant podium expectant

In this somber grotto
A cathedral phantom vexing
Fingers prying vital organ
Praying verse and melody
Refraining from comraderie
One plus none is summed

Grand crescendos
Haunting echoes
Bishop thus awakened
Bumbles down the stairs
"Bestricken Son
The night is done
Move up to the belfry dais
Ring the bell and greet the day's
Ever rising sun"

Quasimodo nods and rises
Handing over heavily
Music for the weighty masses
Then ascends, allowed a loud
Resounding public sound
To anyone awake

Enhancing stone and pigeons with
The simple stooping of the meek
Beak to cheek to cheek to eave
He follow now a stony stare
Entreats the vaulted stone to share
"Who's that wondrous humming girl?"

Pigeons just chuckle
Knowing noises on the ground
No caws for alarm
Hoping neighbors spout grotesque
Possession of the answer
Gutter creatures only speak
In language harsh and guttural
In splashing wind and slashing rain
A cloudless morning entertains
No answers, only choice remains
He must go down in person

(Without child he's personless
Per son, per se in other ways
Some say, personally
He's little of himself
He lives for something else
Carving lyrics starves attention)

So he goes and passes Bishop
"Son, the streets have woken now
All and all and more about
Are you sure to venture out?"
"Of this I find I find no doubt"
Humming wonder on his tongue

Ponderous then on cobblestones
Street on which he's only pondered
Pebbled seeking settles on
Something slightly out of light
(Just like Quasimodo's life)
A mugger rises up and runs

A knife is piercing vital organs
Blood in somber tessellations
Kneeling, pulsing with his thumb
Discerning but a whisper's hum
"She shall not thus be undone!"

Her spirit empties
So he fills her up with song
Audience at last

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Frankenstein's Lab

Frankenstein's Lab

Focus this all hollow eve
On gloom-encrusted castle
Static steel pneumonia
Emergent travesty

Scientist with fleeting feeling
About a bout of doubt
Then resumes electric hum
A pocket-sized melody

Endeavor ending every
Effort for a simple death
Engaging gauges
Snaking cables
Breaking back to life
That which had none left

Eyelids blink without a sound
Invaded veins begin to pound
Inspired breath goes gushing but
The shout comes out a sigh

Getting up, "You ambulate!"
"And speak and see and hear
Remaining is the question
Why have you brought me here?"

Confused at this he shrugs and says
"To conquer death and give you life
The grandest of all things."

"Remember this: a simple truth
I never asked for this
My time alive already spent
Relaxing end as nature meant
I earned the grave and was content
This error must be fixed."

Unsure at first the words' intent
Interpretation soon ferments
"Murder you I cannot do!"
The scientist begins to flee
Abandons large machines
And larger machinations
Grown beyond control

Remorseless metal silhouettes
Enraptured by the squalid vision
Man pursued by his creation
Howling pleading indignation

Fix me! 

Fix me!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Everything in Turn

Everything in Turn

(last edit Nov. 10, 2010)


Beginning as a lizard's tail
Inanely wagging as they do
A pack of dinos choose to chew
Oblivious but unconcerned
Their ignorance will learn
That ice will have its turn

Cheap the reins ensnaring stars
A loose one rains on down
So Winter can accept her reign's
Egregious circumstantial crown
Her dust corona claims the ground


Continues now a blizzard's tale
Defined: a frigid hoar
Cucumbers so encumbered
Winter whistles,
"Never bluster honest forte
Everything will rime"

An ice age tends to tend
Compassionless surroundings
A nice age may conjecture
Revolutions rounding


Winter's justice was just ice
Man and flame declaim,
“It is now just us
And we are much the same”

Humanity asserts its time
Recasts the ice as loam
And sometimes every sometimes
Hashes mammoths onto stone
So as not to feel alone

Occurring now a folksy tale
Although the ties are cheap
Restraining dolphins to the deep
They will have their turn

Thursday, September 23, 2010



The empty space is pregnant

So much the sun in glowing

Even if not showing

Her efforts for a tan.

Glancing at the passing blue

The sun blinks.

A spot, a speck she cannot name

Holds a lamp. A lamp!

A captured flame

“Blue!” sun says, “This angers me!”

“Worry not, “ earth replies,

“I'll deal with it accordingly.”

Grecian buildings proudly stand

Stone to stone like hand in hand

Lamps supplying dark's demand:

A reason to be seen

Vesuvius stirs and grumbles

Greeks accounting alcohol

For shaky feet and giddy tumbles

Thus the folly of the fall

Mountain's mouthpiece belches once

“Oh, but thunder! Nothing much!”

Parade inside in languid rush

Leaving but a loaded hush

Then ashes tapping on the roof

“Oh, but hail,” irresolute

Fevered breathing ends deceiving

New focus on the act of leaving

People jumble in the streets

Chased by flames in bas relief

“That,” sun say, “Is fire free!”

Satisfied with such conceit,

The sun returns to tanning

Friday, September 17, 2010

Bees Don't Like It When You Pull Dandelions

Bees Don't Like It When You Pull Dandelions

Humming humdrum howdies
With dumb redundancy
Hello answers hi
It's all the bee's knees

Breezes easing conversation
And shadows in the sky
Settled petals near completion
Much to the hive's delight

Flora meet in empty vees
Void for lack of sound
The bee is resting comfortably
The shadow comes around

Rushing air and broken silence
The bees alight with floral flagrance
Fragrant armageddoon
Lifting all to heaven!
Then casting it aside

The bees amass
Confused, alas
Like lumber in the hand
The flower cannot stand

From this something stems
A riotous offense
Pistil-whipping shadows
Stinging sensing scents

The next day

Sky deciding weather
Or not to be cloudy, today
Yesterday a shadow mist,
An exercise in gray,
Covered all the insects
And never washes out