Monday, October 18, 2010

Sorcerer's Apprentice

Sorcerer's Apprentice

(last edit Nov. 8, 2010)

1.  Establishment

Apprentice tending broken vessels
Filling wells already wet
Fulfilling institute's
Curriculum of sweat

Lettered Master done
Arranging sordid tomes
Deserts the novel novice
Hangs the hat and goes

Boring of the daily drills
And the errant errands
Apprentice ceases that
And rashly grabs the hat

Hexing fingers flexing
Animates a broom
Engenders legs and soon
It waltzes through the room

Giddy with success
He gestures then anew
From one emerges two

Employing them to do the chores
His attention turning towards
That great blank yonder:
The heavens high above

Poised upon the precipice
Conducting  lightning with his hand
Unearned might at his command
Blistering the sky

The sorcery he stole
Begins accounting tolls
Apprentice cries, “I'm broke!”
Is shattered in to sleep
The spell remains unbroken

2.  The Dream

Indentured servants missing teeth
Sweep as water mops
Dreaming freedom
Laugh at floating
Lap as flotsam
Sweeps them off their feet
Cascade roaring,
"Love!  Love!"

3.  Conclusion

Waking as the cough and sputter
Hack him back to consciousness
The hat has washed away
He is all washed up

Brooms were hacked apart
From the water sputtering
In floods he can't afford to ford

Sinking in the filthy wash
"I may be in over my head!"
Forms a drastic plan
Many splinters made as one
Resemblance of a raft
(a mostly broken bowl)

Escapes disaster!
Paddles faster
Nervous that a wrathful Master
May come after him
Apprentice never worked
At learning how to swim

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