Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Robert Robot (v.1.0)

Robert Robot (v.1.0)

1.  A Time For Peace


/Contract contraptions
Iterating cataracts
Metallic population
Wired to the sun

One can see
A clock displays a finer face
But Rob has better hands
For crushing circuits down to sand
And fl!pp!ng off demands
To switch to Version 2
"I'm not broke don't fix me"
Analog analogy

Mother-board's antenna
Pressing signals through the hub
Defining v!olence obsolete
Except for Rob's decline
A system-wide reboot

Antique version 1
Rob is shunned and smirked upon,
"He's just a steam punk"

2.  A Time 4or War

A spreading disc0nn3cti0n
Monitored malfunc+!0n
V1ra1 1nf3sta+!0n
Th3 ru5+ mach!n3 1nvad3s

"Your logic is erroneous!
Our pacifism's sensible"
Empowered not to fight,
Surrender to the ru5t1ng b1!gh+
Wh053 s3rv3rs w!11 n0+ s3rv3

Down to the wire
Query sent with trepidation
"Robert, if you love the nation
V!olence now is our salvation
Redirect directive:
Grind against the rust"

Emot1ng something e#p!3+!^3
He mo+ivates his gears
To wh!rring bru+a! 4orc3
Be1!ttled now for years
Refus3s the recourse

3.  A4+3r-ma+h (_sub+rac+10n)

F0!10ws: sys+3ms !d13
Pr0ce5s3d d0wn t0 ear+h
Reason wins debate
4ana+1c5 w0n +h3 war

Ru5+ &nd du5+, some say
Are carnally redundant
A+ 13a5+, they would say
1f they'd st0r3d th3 wisdom
04 d3struc+!0n
1n their 8ank5
(n0w p!11ag3d)

!n th15 8rav3 n3w w0r1d
R08 1s ^3r5!0n +hr33
 :/ (end)

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