Tuesday, April 30, 2013


I thought I'd do a backwards and forwards one because I had not done one in a while.  It's a rather bland outcome of a poem, this week.  I'd rather be outside.


Carefully sifted
Valued highly
Powder to ground
Powers magic
Shaking earth
Ringing concussions
Problem solving
Solving problems
Concussions ringing
Earth shaking
Magic powers
Ground to powder
Highly valued
Sifted carefully

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Prismatic Effect

word collage.

Prismatic Effect
  this    water  (a summer state of   mind 
    light                        childhood  ) 
sundered    into     every     color
    the    laughter      smiling
 afternoon                   possibility 

bent    light    in   a    circle
back    back        rainbow 
to      to    the    over the
 watch      sun  moon      horizon

treasure  from    the   shores   of    stars
      made    a    pot        something
 visible    brief   of gold       more
        shimmering         beautiful   or less 
  mirage        image                    acute

then    there    came     a     cloud
  I   stood         an        over
        watering     end        the
   the yard     quietly    moment  spell

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Ballet Studio After-Hours

homophones.  maybe next week I'll do a word collage.  any requests?

Ballet Studio After-Hours

An imaginable re-pose
An image in able repose
In prismed
This mirror looks exhausted

Dusk in
Somber hues
Some bear huge
Pointy shoes
Point issues
Sure to set the bar

Toe to heel
Tow to heal
These worn paces
These sworn spaces
Biting their lips
Biding their slip
The empty room
Holds its breath

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Thief

Free verse.  I'd forgotten how easy things can be when sounds don't have to be considered.

The Thief

Who is this theif?
Stealing my attention
I *just* catch my breath
I won't report a crime

Be my guessed
Be a mystery
Try for more
Nothing lost
If nothing takes

This Miss Deameanor
Same thing every year
Stained from tomatoes,
The chipmunk runs away

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Caw caw!


Caw caw!

Raucous carrion
Rock us, carry on
You liars
Your lyre
Sees the day
Seize the day's
Doctrine of decay

Awful ganders
Offal, dander
A smorgasbord
As morgues aboard
A verse
To burial and hearse

Insects swarming
In sects, warming
In the bluster
Ravens, buzzards
And others, all voracious
Another salvo raises
They came, they saw
Crying like macabre macaws
Caw caw!
Caw caw!