Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Everything in Turn

Everything in Turn

(last edit Nov. 10, 2010)


Beginning as a lizard's tail
Inanely wagging as they do
A pack of dinos choose to chew
Oblivious but unconcerned
Their ignorance will learn
That ice will have its turn

Cheap the reins ensnaring stars
A loose one rains on down
So Winter can accept her reign's
Egregious circumstantial crown
Her dust corona claims the ground


Continues now a blizzard's tale
Defined: a frigid hoar
Cucumbers so encumbered
Winter whistles,
"Never bluster honest forte
Everything will rime"

An ice age tends to tend
Compassionless surroundings
A nice age may conjecture
Revolutions rounding


Winter's justice was just ice
Man and flame declaim,
“It is now just us
And we are much the same”

Humanity asserts its time
Recasts the ice as loam
And sometimes every sometimes
Hashes mammoths onto stone
So as not to feel alone

Occurring now a folksy tale
Although the ties are cheap
Restraining dolphins to the deep
They will have their turn

Thursday, September 23, 2010



The empty space is pregnant

So much the sun in glowing

Even if not showing

Her efforts for a tan.

Glancing at the passing blue

The sun blinks.

A spot, a speck she cannot name

Holds a lamp. A lamp!

A captured flame

“Blue!” sun says, “This angers me!”

“Worry not, “ earth replies,

“I'll deal with it accordingly.”

Grecian buildings proudly stand

Stone to stone like hand in hand

Lamps supplying dark's demand:

A reason to be seen

Vesuvius stirs and grumbles

Greeks accounting alcohol

For shaky feet and giddy tumbles

Thus the folly of the fall

Mountain's mouthpiece belches once

“Oh, but thunder! Nothing much!”

Parade inside in languid rush

Leaving but a loaded hush

Then ashes tapping on the roof

“Oh, but hail,” irresolute

Fevered breathing ends deceiving

New focus on the act of leaving

People jumble in the streets

Chased by flames in bas relief

“That,” sun say, “Is fire free!”

Satisfied with such conceit,

The sun returns to tanning

Friday, September 17, 2010

Bees Don't Like It When You Pull Dandelions

Bees Don't Like It When You Pull Dandelions

Humming humdrum howdies
With dumb redundancy
Hello answers hi
It's all the bee's knees

Breezes easing conversation
And shadows in the sky
Settled petals near completion
Much to the hive's delight

Flora meet in empty vees
Void for lack of sound
The bee is resting comfortably
The shadow comes around

Rushing air and broken silence
The bees alight with floral flagrance
Fragrant armageddoon
Lifting all to heaven!
Then casting it aside

The bees amass
Confused, alas
Like lumber in the hand
The flower cannot stand

From this something stems
A riotous offense
Pistil-whipping shadows
Stinging sensing scents

The next day

Sky deciding weather
Or not to be cloudy, today
Yesterday a shadow mist,
An exercise in gray,
Covered all the insects
And never washes out