Friday, September 17, 2010

Bees Don't Like It When You Pull Dandelions

Bees Don't Like It When You Pull Dandelions

Humming humdrum howdies
With dumb redundancy
Hello answers hi
It's all the bee's knees

Breezes easing conversation
And shadows in the sky
Settled petals near completion
Much to the hive's delight

Flora meet in empty vees
Void for lack of sound
The bee is resting comfortably
The shadow comes around

Rushing air and broken silence
The bees alight with floral flagrance
Fragrant armageddoon
Lifting all to heaven!
Then casting it aside

The bees amass
Confused, alas
Like lumber in the hand
The flower cannot stand

From this something stems
A riotous offense
Pistil-whipping shadows
Stinging sensing scents

The next day

Sky deciding weather
Or not to be cloudy, today
Yesterday a shadow mist,
An exercise in gray,
Covered all the insects
And never washes out

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