Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Everything in Turn

Everything in Turn

(last edit Nov. 10, 2010)


Beginning as a lizard's tail
Inanely wagging as they do
A pack of dinos choose to chew
Oblivious but unconcerned
Their ignorance will learn
That ice will have its turn

Cheap the reins ensnaring stars
A loose one rains on down
So Winter can accept her reign's
Egregious circumstantial crown
Her dust corona claims the ground


Continues now a blizzard's tale
Defined: a frigid hoar
Cucumbers so encumbered
Winter whistles,
"Never bluster honest forte
Everything will rime"

An ice age tends to tend
Compassionless surroundings
A nice age may conjecture
Revolutions rounding


Winter's justice was just ice
Man and flame declaim,
“It is now just us
And we are much the same”

Humanity asserts its time
Recasts the ice as loam
And sometimes every sometimes
Hashes mammoths onto stone
So as not to feel alone

Occurring now a folksy tale
Although the ties are cheap
Restraining dolphins to the deep
They will have their turn

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