Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Frankenstein's Lab

Frankenstein's Lab

Focus this all hollow eve
On gloom-encrusted castle
Static steel pneumonia
Emergent travesty

Scientist with fleeting feeling
About a bout of doubt
Then resumes electric hum
A pocket-sized melody

Endeavor ending every
Effort for a simple death
Engaging gauges
Snaking cables
Breaking back to life
That which had none left

Eyelids blink without a sound
Invaded veins begin to pound
Inspired breath goes gushing but
The shout comes out a sigh

Getting up, "You ambulate!"
"And speak and see and hear
Remaining is the question
Why have you brought me here?"

Confused at this he shrugs and says
"To conquer death and give you life
The grandest of all things."

"Remember this: a simple truth
I never asked for this
My time alive already spent
Relaxing end as nature meant
I earned the grave and was content
This error must be fixed."

Unsure at first the words' intent
Interpretation soon ferments
"Murder you I cannot do!"
The scientist begins to flee
Abandons large machines
And larger machinations
Grown beyond control

Remorseless metal silhouettes
Enraptured by the squalid vision
Man pursued by his creation
Howling pleading indignation

Fix me! 

Fix me!