Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Grape Escapes

The Grape Escapes

In the fridge:

Lemons are subLime
The Lime has spread a line
Unfounded gristly rumors
Hungrily denied
Ensuing is the speech
Proclaimed by soured Peach:

"Assaulting saltings!
Gluttonous reductions!
Blatant herbicide
Apples cored and pied!"

The corn has ears to hear
And chooses not to listen to
Acerbic citric fears

The opened door
A jarring light
Potato joins the bunch
The closing door expunging sight
The Man enjoying lunch

"Potato!" Lime insists
"Address the dressings 
That they might enlist"

Potato says its eyes have seen
Curdling bitter happenings
An orange served with pork
Unarguably forked

The Lime would stir rebellion
Tries to juice them up,
"We'll butter up the eggs
Or maybe egg them on
In hopes to hatch a plan
'Cause we are in a pickle
And really in a jam
We'll have to milk ourselves
Complete to beat the Man"

Swiss is really cheesed
Submits a bid to stay
But it's comprised of holes
And something in the whey

Tomato spoiled rotten
Doesn't deign to help,
"'Tis best to be forgotten
On the highest shelf"

The Grape reveals experience
In pressing enterprises
Drafts a map with many seeds
And fruitfulness surprises


The opened door
Insipid light
Emboldened food
Eluding plight
Unfolding is the mission
The plot has neared fruition

Mustard musters forth
The ketchup can't catch up
Begrudgingly gives up
As the Cat's sup

The Noodle squirms
For Jalapeno tripped
And peppered him with glass
Preventing Noodle's brittle state
From roiling very fast

A rash Banana
Creams the Corn
And quickly peels away
The Syrup vetoes aid
Allotting aggravation
Syrup suffers similarly
Sticky situations

After losing Chip
The Avocado sits
Repeating to herself,
"This really is the pits"

Celery is speared
By Peanut's shish kebabs
Unfortunate encounter, but
He always seemed a little nut

The Cat assails the turning Meat,
"I have no beef with you!"
Flurried fury, furry feet
Fractious feline sets to stew

So much was at steak
Of all the food that ventured out
Just the Grape escaped

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Let Them Eat Salad

Let Them Eat Salad

Chicken sabotage
Is seizing BK's beacon,
"Hungry nation,
Bacon beckons
Chicken sickens
Let the birds beak on"

The swine, offended
Start a publication,
"Pork contains saturated
Fats and trichinosis
Which contain psychosis
Try the beef instead"

The cows may shudder
Though not utter
-ly defeated,
Still have udders
"Stop the murder
Of the herd or
We will halt lactation
Try the salad though
The salad lacks contagion"

Never really bleeds
"Sometimes salmonella-"
But the hunger must be fed
No one really heeds
Advice from cabbage heads

Thursday, November 11, 2010



I dip the quill in the winkhell
Inspired by chariots afire
Sung by burden a-cage

The baby has it’s blank-key
The wolf has ador
-ation for the howling wind
That always seems to scream,
As if I’d not heard that before

The flag’s proud palette
Dead white and tru
-ly I’d surrender
Everything and mer
-maids offer shoes for such a feat
To dream of being chased
But cannot run awake

Friday, November 5, 2010

Scribe Mosquito

Scribe Mosquito

We'd weed someplace new
I'll buy a bayou by you
Unearth something old

Amber prison found
Encaging Scribe Mosquito
Quite long in the pen

Freed to cradling air
Does not cheer upon release
Simply starts to write:

"Ink subjects the subjects
Of the kingdom
Where the page enjoys
The highest title
To my recollections

(          stand that you
 Under                stand over   

That which once I stood beside

But oh! 
The things I've known)

I saw jurassic park
Against triassic's vehicle
Sometimes diner-sores
Engorged to point of sick
A reptile dysfunction
Leading them extinct

After that
The egg the first to finish second
As the chicken ran on legs

Being higher, I was hired
Described as scribe with signed designs
Many quatrains did I pen
(They used to pay per paper)
What's that fourth line again?

Adopting adaptations!
Witnessed you in your progression
Flame to axe to conversation
Science fact and hello-copters

The things that you will know!
The times of which I'll write!
My quill is running low
I implore a tiny bite -"

*SLAP* ends the memoirs
"I think that Scribe Mosquito
Must have been quite daft
To think to use our blood
To pen his final draft"

Revert to the knees
Relapse back to pulling weeds
The sun sets amber