Friday, November 5, 2010

Scribe Mosquito

Scribe Mosquito

We'd weed someplace new
I'll buy a bayou by you
Unearth something old

Amber prison found
Encaging Scribe Mosquito
Quite long in the pen

Freed to cradling air
Does not cheer upon release
Simply starts to write:

"Ink subjects the subjects
Of the kingdom
Where the page enjoys
The highest title
To my recollections

(          stand that you
 Under                stand over   

That which once I stood beside

But oh! 
The things I've known)

I saw jurassic park
Against triassic's vehicle
Sometimes diner-sores
Engorged to point of sick
A reptile dysfunction
Leading them extinct

After that
The egg the first to finish second
As the chicken ran on legs

Being higher, I was hired
Described as scribe with signed designs
Many quatrains did I pen
(They used to pay per paper)
What's that fourth line again?

Adopting adaptations!
Witnessed you in your progression
Flame to axe to conversation
Science fact and hello-copters

The things that you will know!
The times of which I'll write!
My quill is running low
I implore a tiny bite -"

*SLAP* ends the memoirs
"I think that Scribe Mosquito
Must have been quite daft
To think to use our blood
To pen his final draft"

Revert to the knees
Relapse back to pulling weeds
The sun sets amber

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