Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Arranged Marriage

Homophones.  Turned out like all the rest, but I can't say I was very enthused about it.

The Arranged Marriage

A mending gesture
Amending jest, your
Cementing grasp
Seems sending, rasped,
"To agreements made!"
To agree meant maid's
Loss of surname
Laws of sir's named
For nobility
For no ability
Of common sense
Of calm and censed
Bridal comforts
Bride, I'll come. Forts
Arranged a feast
A range of East-
-ern delights and sari
Earned daylight and, sorry
No more hands to shake
Time to cut the cake

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Residual

Word collage.  Tried to capture something like a battlefield after the fact.  If it's a little unfocused, then I blame it on  the cat for waking me up so many times last night.  Enjoy.

The Residual
                             I f
            flustered       altered     
furled     and  fl          squeezing
    from            uttered something
         nonsense     fleeting
    from          sprinting        squinting
   mud          and      these  bones 
       diamond     things   are   such
       i                       as    I      would
    r    gs                                   not do

indignant,     indigenous     indi
 that    which     integrated      go
    left   be              insurrection    away
us            hind      up           proudly
     ambushed           held   fast

it's  a   good    ravenous    
 torn     day   time     flocking
t runk     to  die   for    crows

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Attic at Sunrise

Word collage emulating the bits of dust that hang in the air and catch the light.  Even  using a fixed-width font (in this case, Arial), blogspot will sometimes refuse to perfectly line things up the way I typed them.

Attic at Sunrise

    twirling          floating      
        motes      of          light
     moting                           er
   e             the              than
     the                  dust
re           hushing         still
  mains     h our        lingering
yellowed          old    
       papers       photos

  cracked   panes    creak
humble      for         drafting
    antiques   ever     sleepy
                          y        spider

cloying     legato     smells
   wooden       ck    of
 boards       ro    ing
        captured       horses
   w             withdrawn
     i         ta tt er e d
      s              paintings
        p       of
          s            yesterdays

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Canary Lookout

homophones, because I like 'em.  

The Canary Lookout

Can aeries of
Canaries of
Good pedigree from
Good pets agree from
Alarming warbles,
"All arm in! War bulls!"
Held our shelter
Deep within the earth

They were safer
They were, save for
A trickling few
A tickling fume
Wafted from the clay
The lookout saved the day

For a praise in a
Coat of arms
For appraising a
Code of harms
Emblazoned on a shield:
Canaries in a mine