Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Attic at Sunrise

Word collage emulating the bits of dust that hang in the air and catch the light.  Even  using a fixed-width font (in this case, Arial), blogspot will sometimes refuse to perfectly line things up the way I typed them.

Attic at Sunrise

    twirling          floating      
        motes      of          light
     moting                           er
   e             the              than
     the                  dust
re           hushing         still
  mains     h our        lingering
yellowed          old    
       papers       photos

  cracked   panes    creak
humble      for         drafting
    antiques   ever     sleepy
                          y        spider

cloying     legato     smells
   wooden       ck    of
 boards       ro    ing
        captured       horses
   w             withdrawn
     i         ta tt er e d
      s              paintings
        p       of
          s            yesterdays

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