Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Residual

Word collage.  Tried to capture something like a battlefield after the fact.  If it's a little unfocused, then I blame it on  the cat for waking me up so many times last night.  Enjoy.

The Residual
                             I f
            flustered       altered     
furled     and  fl          squeezing
    from            uttered something
         nonsense     fleeting
    from          sprinting        squinting
   mud          and      these  bones 
       diamond     things   are   such
       i                       as    I      would
    r    gs                                   not do

indignant,     indigenous     indi
 that    which     integrated      go
    left   be              insurrection    away
us            hind      up           proudly
     ambushed           held   fast

it's  a   good    ravenous    
 torn     day   time     flocking
t runk     to  die   for    crows

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