Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Leopards Lose Their Spot

The Leopards Lose Their Spot

The Antelope
Exerts a lope
Refused to cope
With standing still to die

     The Cheetah flexed
     Unbounded heft
Maneuvered left
     andered, lost the prey
The Cheetah fasts today

A slouch to shade
A spiteful respite
Shortened fairly fully,
"Cheetah, scurry!  
Mind this spot:
A leopard colony
And you are naught

You raze and dart
We laze and slink
And rarely break a sweat
(unless we go to drink)
Lumber onward, little pet
In upper class,

"I scamper under
But I am not below you
I'll wring you        
                    down to earth"

Rabid Cheetah spawns
A rapid         taking  to      over
           under              take              
Massacres the rodents
Scaring Elephants
To coax them to his aid

The Elephants indebted
Gnash the heights and wre
                                       nch them down
To cast a baser heaven
Fur a caste of lower cats

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