Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A Thorny Subject

A Thorny Subject

The Owl landing low
Confides in conifers
A warbled wooden warning,
"Trees, beware the men!
They'll tear you limb by limb
Enshrine your pulp as bored
(as in, a two-by-four)
They'll lead you hammered
Leave you screwed
Leave you without leaves

The Ash will earn his name
The Palm will lose her claim
As Governess of Sand
Now please, oh trees, attend:
Beware the man!"

The trees divided,
"Goofy Owl,
What a hoot!
The men will bear our fruit
And surely cherish from it."

Others heeded
Chafed on budding teeth
Configured worser bites
Than their bark

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