Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Psychology Cheat Sheet

childish puns and easy rhymes.

Psychology Cheat Sheet

Mental meant all men tall
Condimental is a thought of birth control
Compartmental is a thought to come apart
Departmental is an inkling to depart
Detrimental meant a mental detritus
Supplemental is a mental limberness
Excremental is a truly dirty thought
Fundamental is the logic of the bought
Regimental thought is better left to Regis
Rudimental thought: a thought discourteous
Documental- See, "When boats return from oceans"
Elemental is an elephantine notion

I will ace the psych test!

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Anonymous said...

It mYour definitions are great maybe you should send them to the shrink. They could use a better dictionaryade me laugh