Tuesday, March 20, 2012

He Bet His Life

starts with rhymed haiku, ends with a homophonic stanza.  I freely admit the haiku is half-ass; it's hard to be motivated with this beautiful weather.  I might clean it up later. 

He Bet His Life

The Loser, sloppy
An envied pot, sure as sin
He felt sure to win

Gulped his gin and lime
Wagered all his money, and
Wagered all his time

"I have nothing left
I must mitigate my debt
Please!  Accept my bet!"

The Winner
Gave in and agreed
To live forever, he
Gave in, and a greed
To live for every
Gamble to succeed
On certainty of breadth
Gambol to secede
Uincertainty of breath
He won a life!  No-
The winnings: one undeath

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