Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Composer's Underworld

A good show, this week.  Five syllable lines of STRESS unSTRESS unSTRESS, with even-numbered lines ending in "eh" vowel rhyme (with some resulting direct rhyme).  Enjoy!

The Composer's Underworld

"For a nobler staff;
The baton at rest."

-The Composer late
Thumbing pages, yet
Often gaping back
Capturing the chest's
Modesty motif,
Pizzicato breath
Pale legato bars,
What else is there left?

Half-forgotten modes
Hung in trouble clefs
Racing to compose
Serenades of death
Sweeping dolce chords
Allargando jest
Harmonized with flat
Classical regret
Cadenced murmurs fade
No applause is met

Here hereafter now
Halls denote a deaf
Stone atonement, for
Silence is respect
Face the music now,
What else is there left?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

reminds me of a unorganized man trying to perform music. Fumbling and bumbling around