Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Barroom Photographs

Six-syllable lines with even-lined rhyming. Intended meter of unSTRESSED unSTRESSED unSTRESSED.

"Might've" is not in the dictionary (also absent are "could've" and "would've"). I use them anyway, as I've always used them in speech.


He might've said too much
That man that does'nt speak
Confessing to a beer
The secrets that he keeps

And she, the quiet-eyed
Presents herself demure
A dear old-fashioned prop
A part of her allure

Perhaps they shared a sigh
Behind the picturesque
Enunciated grins
And unencumbered jest

She might have been distraught
Or walked amongst the rain
The liquid on her cheeks
Are maybe but a stain

He might have been renowned
Or roughly debonair
He might have made a toast,
That man that was not there

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