Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Swamp Thing

I went canoe camping in a swamp once.  Lots of bugs and flora growing on the water,, the ground, hanging from the trees... lively place, I suppose.

Poem is another alternating homophone/simple rhyme.  From a writing perspective, alternating with easy rhymes is a cleansing complement to the somewhat taxing generation of coherent homophones. 

A Swamp Thing

I'd pacified
Petty hate
Ides pass if I'd
Check the date
Idle lei 
Round the throat
I'd allay
Strength by rote

In knee-deep, eating
All that's still
In needy peat, in
Algal swill
Dismal threats
Rotting masts
A small thread
Crumbles last
Amidst the fungus
Wilding gnats
A mist that fun gusts
Fuel the fast-
Fading past
Dust to mud
Ash to gas

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

a very poetic picture of a swamp and its inhabits.