Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Sudden Downpour

I wanted to add another stanza, but after about twenty minutes of coming up with nada (and watching Amanda play Halo) I decided it wasn't getting any longer.  Word collage.

Sudden Downpour

if   rain's   not  for  falling what is   it
  this           the ducks        summer 
     blushing         to    dabble       for?
  morning    sky
     sagely   should   come   
 surrenders     release    down  on   me

a    smell  so   lavendar  the
 leaf  hovers  fresh     grass
making      like   dew  would
  veined  faces      drop  smile

playing    follow    the     liter
  leapfrog,    me!   end  is
    a                 nigh  not so bad
     second  unmasked

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