Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Sound Poet

Since my last post I have picked out all of the poems I wish to use, arranged them into four sections (homophones, backwards and forwards, word collage, and "ordinary"), added a basic title page, page numbers,  a table of contents and ran a spell check.  I have gone over it once with regard to formatting, and I've whittled a few poems out to maintain overall quality.

I still need to go over it at least one more time for formatting and quality control, make sure the pages listed in the table of contents are correct after that, and add a little about the author/thanks for reading squib to the end.  This stuff is time consuming.  I might do this tomorrow instead of job hunting, or it might have to wait until next week.

after that last bit to finish it, I'll have to go through the amazon kindle store process, which ,*fingers crossed* with any luck, won't disfigure my page and/or line formatting.  I don't know how long it takes from submitting the document to being listed on the store.

So that's the plan.  Hopefully I'll have something to report (and a link!) in a couple of weeks.

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