Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Interview with Sandra Cook, injured veteran

"So, you went to the visitors?"

"Yes, I did."


"I lost an arm and a leg in the war.  I had some prosthetics, but they weren't perfect.  People were saying that the aliens would help people who brought them gifts."

"Some people said they would answer prayers."

"Yeah, well, people said it a lot of different ways.  Me, I'm a Wiccan, and I think they just like to help people."

"What did you give them?"

"A bottle of wine I'd been saving for a special occasion.  Things didn't get more special than those days."

"Did you go on the mothership?"

"Oh, yeah.  One of The Followers took me up and fixed me up real good."

"What was the ship like?"

"Meh.  I didn't see much of it.  Hallways, doorways, lights... nothing very otherworldly about it."

"Did it hurt when they performed the, uh, procedure?"

"Not a bit.  I was scanned as I walked to the procedure room.  I only knew that because The Follower told me.  He was one of the weird ones, looked like a pine tree on tentacles."

"What did they do?"

"Well, first Mr. Pine Squid said me in an empty room, and he went off with the bottle of wine.  About ten minutes later he came back with an arm and a leg for me."

"Ten minutes?"

"Ten minutes.  I had my phone with me.  I'd hoped to take some pictures, but I didn't see anything particularly interesting.  Pine Squid apolgized that it took so long, said there was a line at the synthesizer."

"Then what?"

"The body parts he brought fit perfectly.  It didn't hurt at all, they just sort of adhered to my stumps."

"Were they real, you know, muscle and bone?"

"I don't know what they were.  Or are.  At first they were cold, rubbery, and albino-pale.  But!  They worked just like my original limbs had.  No more hook hand or teeter-knee for me!"

"I can't tell where these prosthetics are attached."

"They're more than just attached, they're permanent.  After a week, they had the same color as the rest of my skin and started growing hair."

"Are they any different than your other limbs?"

"No, mine aren't.  I know some people asked for super strength and stuff, but I just wanted to be whole again."

"What do you think happened to the wine?"

"Haha... they drank it?  They synthesized it?  I hope they enjoyed it.  They helped me get my life back, and I'm thankful.  I pray for their safe journey."

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