Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Chapter 6

chapter 6

From the diary of the documentarian:

I received a strange letter in the mail today.  It was strange, first of all, that someone would send a hand-written letter, but that's not all.  It was dated about three-hundred years in the future.  

It's probably someone's idea of a joke, or someone hoping to get mentioned in the documentary.  Or it's from a conspiracy nut.  Lots of people did not trust the visitors.

Anyway, the letter, purportedly written on a remote multi-species research colony by a very old member of The Ten Thousand, said that magic was real.  Gods were real, too.  As well as telepathy, angels, vampires, and spontaneous human combustion.  

The letter goes on to explain that the visitors are purely 4th dimensional beings, actual gods and other mythological beings are purely 5th dimensional, and we are somewhere in the middle.  The visitors, of course, have suppression devices scattered throughout the universe to, "compress," things into four dimensions.  

It says the visitors can't figure out how the magic of the fifth dimension works, so they fear it.  They would fear us, too, if the suppression devices were systematically destroyed.  With magic, we may be able to save all of our race, not just ten thousand.  Don't trust The Watcher!

Blah, blah, blah.  Lots of amazing stuff in that letter, but there's no evidence to back up any of it.  Like I said, probably a bunch of crap, but still the most interesting things I've read lately.

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