Tuesday, May 20, 2014

chapter 9

chapter 9

From the diary of the documentarian:

The Watcher mentioned dimensional compression, just like that crackpot letter that came a few weeks ago.  Coincidence or conspiracy?  

Anyway, off to the next interview.  This should be a colorful one.

Interview with Bud Spackle, found of The Guns and God Club

"I understand some of your members got arrested last year."

"Yeah, some of our boys did.  We weren't hurtin' nobody."

"There was a lot of gunfire, even a Howitzer."

"It didn't even scratch those demons.  We should have been supported, not arrested."


"Yeah.  Coming here, giving people whatever they want.  What's the price?  Calling themselves gods..."

"The Followers called them gods.  They never referred to themselves."

"I don't give a damn.  The Lord created us in His image.  Those demons are after our souls!"

"Your entire county agreed with you, as I recall."

"That's right.  We're good God-fearing folk down here.  The Devil can't come where he ain't welcome, and those demons never stepped a foot in out county."

"Places that were helped by the visitors do seem to be better off, as far as health, economy, and quality of life."

"I'd rather have my soul.  I saw a video of one of the actual so-called gods.  Beelzebub, Lord of Flies.  The bastard was surrounded by a cloud of flies!  It's clear as day they're evil."

"It was explained that those were nanintes, which work in tandem to maintain their bodies indefinitely."  

"You can't believe anything from the Father of Lies!  If they come back, we'll shoot at them some more!"

"Last question: what do you think about The Ten Thousand?"

"Fools.  They're not being taken, 'out among the stars.'  They're heading straight for Hell, pure and simple."

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