Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Chapter 10

Chapter 10

First, I would like to note some background on The Ten Thousand.  They were chosen from a much larger pool of volunteers.  We are told that the selection was entirely about genetic diversity.  Even before the ships left, The Ten Thousand had already started changing.  

The changes were minor on Earth.  They had, "maximized their genetic potential," so that they would not have to worry about cancer, or multiple sclerosis, or schizophrenia, or any number of other maladies.  In a few cases this led to changes in skin tone, more hair, less hair, weight loss, weight gain, and so on.  The Ten Thousand saw these as minor, certainly nothing of concern compared to cancer.  

Now follows the transcription for my talk with one of The Ten Thosand.  They are on a ship orbiting a distant planet.  This transcription has been edited for clarity, as the speech of the subject was difficult to understand.

Interview with Susanne Knopfler

"Sorry if I'm hard to understand.  I haven't talked since I left Earth."

"Not even singing?  You were a renowned opera singer."

"No, nothing.  Too many languages.  It's easier to just think and have the technology translate."

"Do you miss it?  Talking?  Singing?"

"No.  You might not understand, but physical vocalization seems clumsy.  Vulgar, almost.  Few races do so."

"You look a lot different.  Why are you naked?"

"Oh?  I didn't even think about that.  Clothes get in the way of our enhancements.  There's no need for them anyway.  Temperature is controlled."

"You're not embarrassed?"

"Things are different here.  There's no need for sex, The Gods have the human genome on file, they can produce perfect children whenever someone wants one.  It's much simpler without the relationships and the drama, don't you see?"

"It sounds like society is a lot different up there."

"It makes me a little sad that we lucky few have been lifted up, but the rest of you are left behind in your old ways, without The Gods."

"What are those... enhancements?"

"The neural head net provides shortcuts for synaptic pathways, as well as connecting us to the translation functions and so, so much knowledge."

"Did that hurt?"

"Nothing hurts here.  This on my hand, it's an IV port for nanites, among other things.  The nanites maintain us.  We might live forever."

"If you live forever, are there still going to be perfect babies being made?"

"I don't know.  I don't want children.  The Gods have lifted me up, blessed me, and I'm too busy spreading the joyful news of The Gods to be thinking about children."

"You've really changed a lot.  How long have you been gone, relatively?"

"I have lived ten years relative to the one you have lived since we left."

"Wow.  You look younger now than you did then.  If I didn't know you were about fifty, I'd guess about twenty."

"I have The Gods to thank for that."

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