Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Chapter 11

Chapter 11

From the diary of the documentarian:

I didn't say anything during the interview because my opinions are not the point of a documentary.  But, I thought Susanne was disturbing.  Bald, naked, with artificial parts on here head and in her arm.  Talking about nanites, little robots, racing through her body.  An opera singer fluent in several languages that no longer has a desire to sing, and finds speaking distasteful.

She was renowned enough that the public knew about her.  She gave the visitors a song and they cured her ovarian cancer, because she really wanted to have kids.  Now she has no desire to have children, or any, "relationship," or, "drama."

Did the visitors have some way to measure awe when the chose The Ten Thousand?  Did they gather the largest amount of genetic variation, or were they looking for the most obedient and the most zealous?

Susanne isn't the only one.  Reports of others among The Ten Thousand tell similar stories.  I might share a genome with them, but they don't seem human.  They appearance and behavior is so... alien.  They live forever and don't have pain.  

Is that our future?  While others might look forward to such radical changes, I'm a more old-fashioned.  I can't get the image of Susanne out of my head.  It gives me the creeps.

I got another letter today.  Same crackpot handwriting.  This one was short.  It read, "You are not the only one that has received letters.  The big change will happen soon.  Be ready, you will have something new to document."

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