Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Chapter 13

Chapter 13

From the diary of the documentarian:

The weeks following the hostage situation at P LADS were chaos.  Not only did the world have to learn to live with unicorns and werewolves, but the religious gods, all of them, were back.  And they were pissed at having been suppressed for a millennium or so.  Alien worship (by humans or otherwise) was not tolerated.  

Those that would not renounce their faith in the space-faring, "gods," suffered a variety of fates.  The God of Abraham turned them into salt.  Hades put some down with Sisyphus.  And so on.  The Raeliens did not fare well.

The Watcher did not like learning that it was expendable, and joined forces with Earth.  Every Watcher in the universe soon came along.  It turns out that The Watchers also had abilities that had been suppressed.  They have a hive mind and a shared memory, both of which are instantaneous over any distance.  This is scientifically impossible, so the visitors replaced it with a slower, but understood, form of long-range communication.  Part of the shared memory was erased so that The Watchers didn't know what had happened.  

Of course, that changed when the suppression devices in our solar system were destroyed.  The Watchers remembered everything.  The Watchers had originally been a crab-like species.  As they entered into the Industrial Age, they were enslaved by a time-traveling civilization.  The Watchers were heavily modified to observe while using very little energy, and to stay dormant indefinitely after energy ran out.  When the time-travelers returned, The Watchers filled them in on what had been happening.  The time travelers left once and never returned.  The Watchers went dormant, and were later recovered by, "the gods," and used for essentially the same purpose.  After a review of letters and other information sent from the future,  it looks like one of The Watchers was behind the entire timeline shift. 

Other races had stories of magic and fairy tales, and came to visit Earth to see if their old stories had any truth to them.  Most of them stayed in our solar system.  A few races came in warships after hearing that the visitors wouldn't help us, but they surrendered quickly when actually gods tore their ships into shrapnel.  

Before the visitors came, Earth was a lonely planet full of bickering people believing in things for which there was no evidence.  The visitors opened our eyes to a multitude of living worlds, cured cancer, feed the hungry, and gave many something tangible to believe in.  Now the real gods are back, and Earth has suddenly become a multi-racial force in the galaxy.  

A lot has happened in the last couple of years.  It's going to take a long time to really absorb all of it.  Tomorrow, I'm interviewing an angel.  


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